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Xixian County Chinese Teaching Case Teaching Experience Summary Report

Posted on:2015-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the "basic education curriculum reform program (Trial)" was promulgated and a series of new curriculum standards issued, China’s basic education curriculum reform entered a substantive stage. The new curriculum reform initiative is vivid, democratic, high efficiency of the classroom, but the traditional language classroom is like a pool of stagnant water, lifeless, so we must think:how to make dull boring classroom become be lively and vivid, more efficient, more like the students. In the new curriculum reform enlightenment, done a lot of researches the transformation of Xinyang City, Xixian County in the way of teaching and learning, and explore a set of unique for education and development of the region "teaching case teaching" mode, and apply it to the Chinese classroom practice. The new way of teaching, make the student’s main body status is fully embodied in the classroom, to a certain extent make up for the deficiency of the traditional Chinese teaching methods, Injected a new vitality into the Chinese teaching.This paper mainly carries on the elaboration from five aspects. The introduction, research background overview paper, domestic research status and research methods, research significance. Background and achievements of the first chapter of Xixian County "teaching case teaching" method to produce. Background:one is from the point of view of the whole procedure of middle school Chinese teaching the universal existence question, the possibility of the "teaching case teaching" is a new teaching mode; two is considered from teaching in Xixian County region, such as the rural school personnel local sparse, teacher the aging serious, the number of students in many urban schools, difficult to carry out the teaching work of the teachers, the necessity about "teaching case teaching" mode; the three is the requirements of the new curriculum reform, change teaching method. Achievement has emerged from the "teaching case teaching" mode, to achieve results in various school social aspects were reviewed. The second chapter "the implementation process of Chinese teaching case teaching method" in Xixian County as an example, the third. In this part Ⅰ will introduce "teaching case", such as its connotation, mode of presentation, theoretical basis, design principle etc.. At the same time, I will be typical of his lecture in teaching process and successful case analysis, in order to explain the "advantages and disadvantages of teaching and case teaching". The third chapter is the result and reflection of Chinese "teaching case teaching" method after the. Since it is a new way of teaching, test its success must inspect its achievement effect. At the same time, the emergence of a new thing is bound to the existence of many problems, we must continuously improve the. Conclusion, summarize the main contents of the article, points out the shortcomings in the research process and the prospects for future research process.
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