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The Impact Of Work - Family Conflict On Work Input

Posted on:2015-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2279330431470370Subject:Business management
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With the rapid development of economic globalization and socialist marketing economy, the paces of people’s daily work and life are speeding up, the increases of work pressure and family burden that employees have to face are self-evident. The western scholars’research results show that, work-family conflict can cause negative effects to employees’ job performance, family happiness and personal health. Researching and adopting scientific ways to relieve work-family effect has become a hot point of human resource management and organizational behavior. The domestic and abroad scholars haven’t reached an agreement on the problem of the relationships between work-family conflict and work engagement. Companies must think and solve the key issue that how to improve employees’work engagement, thus the exploration of the impact of work-family conflict on work engagement also becomes the issue that must be addressed in management theory and organizational practice.According to the existing domestic and overseas’research results of work-family conflict, organizational support and work engagement, combining with this research content, this paper establish the relational model of work-family conflict, organizational support and job involvement. Based on the theoretical analysis, our empirical research uses a sample of244domestic employees to further our understanding of these problems. Our goal is to find out the relationship between three different dimensions of work-job conflict and work engagement as well as the moderating effect of organizational support. The three different dimensions of work-job conflict are:time-based conflict, pressure-based conflict and behavior-based conflict. Using SPSS statistical software, the study discusses the relationships of work-family conflict, organizational support and work engagement through correlation analysis and regression analysis etc. The empirical research indicates that the time-based conflict and behavior-based conflict can predict work engagement significantly while pressure-based conflict cannot predict it. The emotional support and superior’s support moderate the relationship between time-based conflict and work engagement. The instrumental support moderates the relationship between behavior-based conflict and work engagement.According the empirical research results, this paper suggests that, firstly the company should advocate people-oriented values and develop the work-family culture. Secondly, the leadership should update its management principles. The leaders’ support needs to be enhanced. Thirdly, Developing comprehensive support channels that can earnestly help employees. Finally, the employees’salary and welfare need a promotion. It’s also important to improve the working environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:work-family conflict, organizational support, work engagement
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