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Research On Construction Of Science And Technology Service System

Posted on:2015-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330422986450Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Regional technical innovation is regarded as the key factors of the economicdevelopment,The advancement of society and technology and regional competitiveness.whichhas played a key role at the optimizing industrial structure, regional coordinated developmentand the sustainable developing.An important way to achieve technological innovation is theindustrialization of scientific and technological achievements,but the scientific andtechnological achievements into productivity is not spontaneous.the efficiency of thetechnology conversion in China is far below the developed countries.The main reason is that"there is a gaps disconnect between and technology markets",the emergence of the technicalservice system fill this gaps.In the market economy,technology service link various Regionalinnovation subjects together. Which are involved in all phases of the transformation scientificand technological achievements into commodity,by providing various professionalservices,And reducing the cost of innovation and the risk of innovation.accelerating theindustrialization of scientific and technological and technology transfer process.improvingefficiency of the scientific and technological resources.lifting regional technologicalinnovation of development.stimulating the consistently economical development throughoutthe region.this paper based on theory of the regional technological innovation. Researchingthe building of technology service system of regional technological innovation throughtheoretical and empirical methods.Firstly,defining the concept and scope of science and technology service system,studyingthe development of mechanism in the science and technology service system and regionaltechnology innovation,discussing the science and technology service system in environmentalrequirements and the status of the regional technological innovation.Analysing theenvironmental requirements and the status of the science and technology service system in theregional technological innovation Through knowledge creation and commercial applicationsin two stages of science and technology service system,using DEA-Malmquist methods to analyze the input-output efficiency through the two stages.This allows a clearer understandingof the various regions at two stages of the differences of input-output efficiency,and that offerssome counter measures and suggestions on promoting the science and technology servicesystem.Finally,according to the developing state of technology service system,andbackground factors of the science and technology service system of Shaanxi province,including the level of science and technology resources, technology outputs and thetransformation of scientific level,analyze the policies and regulations,economic,social,economic status of the four angles of Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Servicesystem systematic analysis and research through the PEST-SWOT methods,Assess the currentstrengths,weaknesses,the opportunities and threats on Science and Technology ServiceSystem of Shaanxi Province,provide the building framework,advice and measures for thescience and technology service system of Shaanxi Province.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional technological innovation, Science and technology servicesystem, input-output efficiency, Malmquist
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