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The Translation Report Of English Operating Manual Of The Mechanical Equipment

Posted on:2015-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T T ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2285330434958502Subject:English translation
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In the21century, the relationship between domestic and international market in the mining machinery industry becomes more and more intimate. The large-scale mining equipment of high-tech technology has become inevitable in domestic mining market, translations of technical operating manual playing an important role in the technology import. The accurate judgment of the mechanical equipment operating manual will be not only affecting the academic quality of the translation, but also directly affect the accurate operate and successful completion by the operation and purchasing staff.This translation task is an operating manual of the shearer loader and belongs to science and technology texts. Thus it has the main characteristics to science and technology texts, for instance, strict logic, straightaway expression and objective content. Based on the English operating manual of large-scale shearer loader, this report analyses the translation of technical terms, nominalization structures, passive structures and long sentences. Firstly, the translator makes a self-complied corpus, doing the vocabulary frequency analysis, and builds a technical lexical corpus. The specific technical terms and the normal words with the specific technical meaning in the science text are contained in this corpus. Secondly, the translator divides nominalization structures into three types, and concludes the following experiences about how to retain the objectivity of the passive sentences. The first one is use "必 须,需要,应该’’instead of"被”sentences. Second, try to select the known vocabulary in the source text as the new subject in the target sentence. About the long sentence translation, the translator combines the Conversion, Inversion, Diversion, Combination, Shift of Perspectives and Omission together and uses them flexibly. At last, the translator also makes a conclusion about the translation of science and technology text. In the preparation stage, the translator should carefully analyze the original texts, making full use of the related materials and establish a technical glossary corpus. In addition, the translator also reinforces constantly the basic language skills both in English and Chinese, and modifies, analyze and improve the quality of the translation from different angles and roles.
Keywords/Search Tags:technical translation, self-compiled corpus, nominalization, passivestructure, long sentence translation
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