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Research On Cultivating Path Of Young Civil Servant In Guangzhou

Posted on:2015-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422482889Subject:Public administration
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Nowadays, competition for talent has become the focus of competition, regionalcompetition. Talent is the base of strengthening the city. Young civil servants are the backboneof civil servants. It is an important issue for the government to implement the developmentstrategy of the youth talent and to strengthen the team construction of the young civil servants.The career management and the developing occupation goals of the young civil servants arethe key factors to influent the decision making and the performance appraisal of the publicsector. Because of the influence of traditional management conception, it is failed to importthe career management and the cultivate path for the civil servants. Therefore, to make thecultivate path is an important research topic not only for the civil servants but also for thepublic human resource management.This article mainly focused on the civil servants under the years of35. This article usedthe theory of modern human resource management such as Career Management, HumanCapital and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to research the cultivating path of the young civilservants. The main content of this article is divided into four parts. The first part was aboutthe background of selected topic, the significance, the introduction of the related concepts andtheories of cultivating path, the analysis of the thesis research contents and methods. Thesecond part introduced the status of the youth civil servants in Guangzhou. We collected thedata through the questionnaire survey, and used the SPSS to check the analysis and thereliability of the data at the same time. Therefore we made some interviews to therepresentative young civil servants who were individual and to the people of the humanresource department. We summarized the current situation and the problems of the cultivatingpath of the Guangzhou young civil servants. The third part analyzed the reason affect thecultivating path of the youth civil servants in Guangzhou. It was mainly obtains from theorganization goat and personal career management. We analyzed the problem from the CivilServant System, administrative culture and Human Capital. In the end, we made someoperable countermeasures and steps according to the present situation. Therefore, we madethe conclusion and the prospect.The innovation of this article is filled in the black of the research of the cultivating pathto the youth civil servants in Guangzhou. It will enlighten the leaders to cultivate the youngcivil servant. At the same time it will provide the innovation and the method of evaluation forthe civil servants training and management in public sector.
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