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An Applied Research Of Government Outsouring Of Public Services In Old-age Service Industry

Posted on:2015-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330431987510Subject:Public Management
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China has a large number of population. With the aging population in China isaccelerating function of the increasing weakening of the family pension, the pressureof supporting the old comes to be a big issue. the elderly pension service has becomea major social problem.In this paper, we study the pattern, the service of aged-care at home whichcombines with the advantages of above two modes will become the main means forChinese urban elderly in the future. The household-supporting pattern is actually thegovernment public service outsourcing theory of practice. Public service outsourcingoriginated in the west, by the British took the lead on the railway, telecommunicationsand other fields. Its core is introducing market competition mechanism in the supplyof public service, and the enterprise or non-governmental organizations to providepublic services, A public service in the contract by the government is transferred tothe private sector or non-government organization.This paper starts with the background at home and abroad of the governmentpublic service outsourcing, and chooses the application of government serviceoutsourcing in pension service industry as the research object. It summarizes the mainpractical results of the government public service outsourcing in the domestic andinternational pension service industry, by analyzing the basic theory and practicalbackground of the government public service outsourcing. On the basis of that, thepaper analyses the problems in the government public service outsourcing andexplores the strategies and methods to solve those problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:The government service outsourcing, public service, Home care service, NPO(Non-Profit Organization)
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