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The Study Of The Government Governance Capacity- Building Of Jin Zhu She Nationality In Le’an Country

Posted on:2016-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the basic administrative power in our country, the ethnic township government is the most direct service to the National village gathered, the most fundamental function is to guide and protect the stable development of the ethnic township and national unity, which is the foundation of the national administrative system. It is put forward at The Third plenary session of the eighteen national governance system that in order to promote the governance capacity of modernization, we should insist the socialism with Chinese characteristics, and it is the first time that come up with the conception of the innovation of social management. The raise of this conception makes the governance become the key point in the development of national reform in the future. As an important part of the government governance, the government social governance capacity of ethnic township become more critical. As for Jiangxi province, there are eight ethnic townships comparing with other general township, these ethnic townships has their own peculiarity in geographical environment and the form of ethnic group, especially in the social transformation period. Whether in the social stability or social services, social government environment of ethnic townships are more complex. A series of new problem and condition raise a claim for the government governance ability. Based on this situation, national ethnic academic circle give a deeper research and explore on how to strength the ability of government social governance of ethnic township. This topic is put forward under such background.This research is discussed from the perfect of government governance,and it narrowed the scope to a special ethnic township—Jinzhu She nationality. This study take the government governance ability as the emphasis and the governance theory always run through the whole article. The research use the method of literature research, survey analysis, theoretical analysis to discuss the governance ability. It is also discuss about the social stability liability to ideological guidance, solve social mediation and social services(economic developments and improving people’s livelihood) on how to improve the governance ability. The research divided into five parts as follow.The first part is the introduction, mainly talks about the background of ethnic government governance, analyze the importance of it and state the result of the present government governance. At the same time, this part gives a introduce about the research content ideas and innovations.The second part is the definition of related conception and it is also the statement of some theories such as theory of governance, new public service theory and public management theory, especially the theory of governance, it runs through the whole thesis from the beginning to the end. It is also the main clue of this article.The third part is mainly analyze the present situation of governmental social governance ability in Jinzhu She xiang in Le’an country. It introduced the basic situation of relevant research which included the design of the questionnaire investigation, the purpose content and the process of research. Then according to the collected information and date, we can analyze the basic achievement of Jin Zhu She Nationality government governance and through the analysis of the date from the two aspects of internal and external discusses, we can find out the problem in the current ethnic township government governance.The fourth part is based on the analysis of the third part. It clarifies the restrictive factor on the government governance ability. It gives the analysis from the restriction of finance, the particularity of ethnic township, the imperfect of the system, the shortcoming of governance ability and the weakness of service and crisis awareness.According to the analysis of the third part and fourth part, the fifth part is mainly talk about the method from the internal aspect and external aspect, we can describe it from the five aspects on how to improve the Jinzhu She xiang government governance capacity which include perfect the township government performance evaluation mechanism, stimulate She xiang social organization vitality, improve fiscal self-sufficiency ability, establish and innovate manage conception and consolidate the guarantee policy implementation. At the same time, it states the principle in the process of perfect the ethnic government social governance ability.The conclusion briefly reviews the research on the analysis above, conducts a brief summary and point out the deficiencies in this research and strive to improve the research work in the future.
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