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The Study On Motivation Mechanism Of Civil Servants’ Of The Customs System

Posted on:2015-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Related statistics show that from January to June 2013 period, the country’s total import and export scale has reached 12.61 trillion yuan (according to the size of the contemporaneous exchange rate is about $ 1,997,690,000,000), will affect the exchange rate to offset the effect of the case, the indicators year to enhance the rate reached 8.6%. Among them, the export volume scale is 6.59 trillion yuan (according to contemporaneous exchange rate, the amount equivalent to $ 1.05382 trillion), up to enhance the rate reached 10.4%; total imports, compared with 5.82 trillion yuan of scale (according to the law the same period calculate the total amount of about $ 944.87 billion), up to enhance the rate of 6.7%; addition, during this period the total amount of China’s trade surplus was 678.06 billion yuan (calculated in accordance with the same period in exchange for the $ 107,950,000,000 known), an upgrade margin of 58.5%. The rapid growth of China’s foreign economic and trade, customs entry and exit as the national regulatory authority, the role in macroeconomic management is becoming increasingly important. Customs wants to maintain a high administrative efficiency, there must be sound and reasonable incentive mechanism, in order to create a good civil service. But there are many problems currently customs civil service incentives, there is no incentive to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, the study of this article has important theoretical and practical significance.The research method is theoretical and quantitative analysis combine to motivate civil servants customs issues for the study, a typical representative of Changchun Customs example, the actual implementation of the incentive to work, Changchun Customs Civil comprehensive research, which locks the main issues to consider in depth the underlying causes of the problem, based on objective and summarize the main features of the excitation field, put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.Paper is divided into five chapters:the first chapter is an introduction, describes the research questions and significance of domestic and international literature review and research framework and methodology. The second chapter describes the core concepts and basic theory. The third chapter introduces the main problem Changchun Customs incentives status and stage presence. Chapter IV questionnaire Changchun Customs, and the investigation on the basis of questionnaires, respectively, firom job satisfaction, incentives need to motivate the case of the three aspects are analyzed and summarized. Chapter V above analysis is proposed based on optimizing the customs system of civil servants incentive measures, including:"people-oriented" implementation of the concept; external equity and internal equity of unity; build and implement performance management system; communication incentive to implement the policy.The innovation of this paper is:In the past academic incentives for civil servants to discuss the main object is to use the analysis and discussion of theoretical vision, and quantified in terms of empirical research is relatively inadequate, demonstration force is not very good. Based on the survey findings systematically explores the motivation of civil servants working in Changchun Customs targeting of the main problems in this area have the most direct and objective grasp. Therefore, the discussion in this paper has a very substantial data base for processing such data can get some very valuable conclusions to a typical representative of Changchun Customs, for example, under the guidance of theory, with empirical discussion to find incentives to improve performance implementation of countermeasures.
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