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The Problem Analysis And Improvement Suggestion For The Legal System Of China’s Affordable Housing

Posted on:2015-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China’s housing security system in the implementation of different policies onhousing supply different income families. Which for low-income families canpurchase affordable housing. Country has always attached importance to solve thehousing problems of urban residents, and always put the improvement of the livingconditions of the masses as the fundamental purpose of the urban housing systemreform and real estate development. However, compared with the process ofmarketization of housing, low-income housing security system is lagging behind,affordable housing in some cities to become " vases” and “embellishment”, as well ascoverage of the practical needs of a large gap. Affordable housing construction andmanagement problems continue: development plan is not implemented, the supply ofland is difficult to guarantee; supply object blur, audit lax; Some small-scale urbansupply, causing a shortage phenomenon; construction standards is too large, theinitial development and construction of houses the area is too large; developer profitsare difficult to control, some real estate to circumvent the land premium and intoaffordable housing and other irregularities. Some cities, affordable housing developerin disguise to be sold at high prices, resulting in affordable housing is not "economic”,the welfare state to provide low-income homebuyers are accounted for developers forhimself, profiteering. Since the object of broad supply of affordable housing system isdifficult to ensure that low-income families most in need of priority to solve the housing problem; in personal credit file system is not perfect and housing situation,qualification become a mere formality, there has been fraudulent purchase, transfer ofprofits and so on, so that the fairness of the system of affordable housing has beenquestioned. The author attempts to discuss this article on our affordable housing-related defects in legislation analyze put forward their views, hopes to establish acommon property system as a perfect system of affordable housing a key point, andproposed countermeasures.The first part of this article is to summarize the nature of affordable housing,characteristics, Property Rights, the meaning of existence, evolution and history ofcomparative analysis with other housing system. I mainly want affordable housingsystem remains China’s housing security system is an indispensable part.The second part, mainly on the legislative status of the legal system of affordablehousing and the problems of representation and analysis. First analyze the currentlegislative status quo with regard to affordable housing system, and then analyze theproblems in our legislation, then re-analysis of several different provinces ofaffordable housing operation mode can be seen from the advantages of commonproperty models and feasibility.The third part, on the part of the common property is drawn to exploreinnovative key points after the affordable housing system, for a total of a full range ofproperty rights regimes are discussed, including the common property of the meaning,characteristics, the legal basis and the problems associated with this It also presents atotal system of property rights concerning foreign-related cases and analyze thereference.The fourth part, you want to improve affordable housing, it is necessary toestablish common property system from start to solve the problem of affordablehousing produced. First analyze the relationship between the main common propertysystems, and then to improve the affordable housing system put forward their viewsfrom the legislation.
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