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The Study Of The Public Service Capacity Building Of Township Government Under The Perspective Of Governance

Posted on:2015-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the township’s reformation and the promotion of construction, rural society developed rapidly and villagers’living standards improved a lot. The township government turns their focus on public service. As a special position in contemporary Chinese government hierarchy system, township government connects the leading class with primary class. It takes charge of social management and public service. Under the perspective of governance, improving the capacity of township’s public service has profound significance to the urban and rural integration process and to build a harmonious society. And it also directly meets the inevitable requirements for the demand of the growing and complicated public service. Now the capacity of public service of Chinese local government is very weak. According to this kind of situation, many researchers try to study their capacity, especially local governments at the grass-roots level. Meanwhile, local governments at all levels begin to find the methods to construct the capacity of public service.From the perspective of governance theory, with the documentation method, a lot of documents about public service, government functions, and township’s public service have been studied so that it can have a detail study of the situation of the capacity of public service of town government. With the theoretical analysis method, based on the governance theory, new public service theory and synergetic theory, this paper tries to explore the basic ways to construct the public service capacity of township government. With the way of qualitative analysis, proceed from the present situation of the low public service capacity of township government, the paper tries to conclude the constitute and the constraints of the town government public service capacity, which is resource absorbing ability, resources disposition ability, executive capacity, crisis management. With the methods of investigation and analysis, the paper tries to know the villagers’attitude to the implementation of the local township government and its public service capacity, in order to get the state of town government public service. All these form the empirical part of the paper.The first part of the paper is the introduction to the selected topic background, significance, research status at home and abroad and review, research methods and writing ideas, main contents and innovation points and deficiencies of the township government’s public service capacity building; the second part is the definition of the main concept and theory foundation of the study, expounds the public service, public service capacity, the composition of the township government public service capacity, and focuses on the management theory, its basic characteristics and its enlightenment to our research, also introduces the other theoretical basis of this study, namely, the new public service theory and the synergy theory, which lays the foundation for later writing; the third part is the analysis of case study, which describes the design, purpose, processes and the basic situation of the survey, and analyzes the results of the study, concludes the local township government public service ability work achievements, problems and difficulties in the implementation of the rural public service work; on the basis of investigation and analysis of the case study from the third part, fourth part, combined with the relevant theory, with the four elements of the township government’s public service capacity as the main line sums up constraints of S town, including five constraints:the urban-rural dual structure, defects in interaction with civil society, undefined of township government public service function, large arbitrary of resource allocation, lack of service and crisis awareness, then to make further analysis of these factors; and this part makes further analysis of these factors; in the fifth part, in combination with the practical situation of China’s township governments, this paper expounds the guiding philosophy of the township government public service capacity building, which is the "citizen standard", the "social standard" and the governance philosophy, then tries to put forward the basic routes of the township government public service capacity building:complete the public finance supply, expand the channels with the cooperation of civil society, clarify the responsibilities of township government, construct the regulatory mechanisms of township government resource allocation, strengthen service and crisis awareness, establish and perfect the performance evaluation mechanism of township government; finally, this paper makes a brief review of the process of the whole research and summarizes the research conclusion.
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