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Studies On The Service-oriented Government Construction Based On The Government’s Affinity To The People

Posted on:2016-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470960299Subject:Administrative Management
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In the late twentieth century, the defects of traditional administration model was being exposed. To adapt to the development of the times, western countries carry out the reformation of government management model in succession. Throughout the process of the administration reform, each country is focusing its attention from the bureaucracy to the construction of service-oriented government. And China should also regard the service-oriented government which is determined by the nature of the state as an cardinal direction and target for the transformation of government pattern in the 21 st century to conform to this trend. China is an people’s democratic dictatorship of socialist state, the people are the master of the society, and the power of government comes from the people. And our government should exercise its power and perform its function in accordance with the will of the people. Thus, the construction of service-oriented government should always shows affinity to the people.Combining civilian-oriented thinking with the practice of service-oriented government constructing, we could divide the target of service-oriented government constructing into four parts which are establishing the thought of people first in value, protecting the rights of citizens to participate orderly in subject, promote the public interest effectively in functions, and realize full development of people as the end goal.So far, China has made great achievements in this area. The administrative authorization is dwindling, the administrative process is simplifying, and the administrative responsibility is allocating. However, there are still some problems. For example, the officials are short of service mentality, the public participation delays, and the public service delivery are inadequate.And those are mainly because of deficiency in the spirit of people-oriented,service capability and lagging in institution building.To construct the service-oriented government with scientific function, optimized structure, clean and efficient administration, and people’s satisfaction, and meet the requirement of people nature, we should make efforts in the following aspects: establish ideological guarantee as the precursor and put forth effort on reshaping the administrative philosophy; improve the service ability as the assurance, and integrate the service resources; place great emphasis on exercising service responsibility, and concentrate on optimizing the operating mechanism;strengthen the supervision of power as the key factors,and focus on intensifying institutional building.
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