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Government Management Innovation In View Of Enterprise Management Transformation

Posted on:2016-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330482469877Subject:Administrative Management
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Along with the socialist market economic system of our country continuously improved and the accession to the WTO has greatly changed the nature, the public management, the scope and the content of the government. For the traditional public management, it is inevitable choice for basing in the changing of public management reality in domestic and international and the government needs to change. Many other countries also face the enormous pressure and challenges by the economic globalization. Therefore, exploring the suitable management mode is the world problem for all countries to resolve. Enterprises in the face of globalization and the fierce international competition change the management idea, management system, management methods, and improve the management ability, and make them survive and return. The management model innovation of the government is to abandon the original bureaucracy, procrastination, and appropriately use of enterprise management mode. The work efficiency of the government departments and social service quality improved, get rid of the troubled for the financial crisis, management crisis and confidence crisis. Our country has experienced the institutional reform for several times since the founding of new China. But the institutional reform can not go out of the cycle from the "downsizing" to “expansion ". The reform of the economic system is far from the administrative reform. The reform of government institutions at the end of the twentieth Century is an innovation of administration system reform in the establishing of socialist market economy system. But the reforms still have transition obviously. It is expected to form new relationship model between government and citizens, government and society, and government and market. With a analysis to the characteristic of enterprise management mode, with a reference to the practice of government reform in western enterprises, and putting forward the existing problems of government reform in western enterprises, this essay probes into the hope of founding a flexible, efficient and honest government by means of redefining the governmental functions, introducing the competition mechanism, strengthening the consciousness of service, paying attention to quality and efficiency, introducing performance evaluation and cost control and etc. considering the situation of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise management mode, Innovation of government management, Competition mechanism, Service consciousness, Performance evaluation system
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