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Research On The Perfect Countermeasures For The Selection And Appointment Mechanism Of Party And Government Leading Cadres

Posted on:2018-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330542980222Subject:Business Administration
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Since the 18th National Congress of Communist Party of China,with the rapid development of society and constantly broaden of opening,it is quite necessary to build the leadership capable of excuting,innovating and calling,and to build "Yunling Iron Army"with belief,thinking,passion and tricks,especially when it was aimed to construct a new Yunnan of open,rich,civilized and happy,and to fully build a well-off society and write a new chapter of China Dream in Yunnan.The situation is imminent,However,in the recent years,more and more leading cadres have been investigated,and their infractions are more and more serious,which has impacted the relationship between cadres and masses,the image of the Communist Party and government,the depuration of political ecology,and the rapid development of economic society.Therefore,it becomes more and more important to intensify the research of the promoting of the leading cadres selection and appointment system of the party and government.The article uses some methods,such as the combination of field and theoretical research,the combination of data analysis and case affirmance,and takes A department for example,to analyze the present situation of cadres construction,such as the structure of age,nationality,major and so on,and to conclude some shortage,low quality,high age,lack of human resource,and so on.Through the analysis,the article seeks the main problem and causes of leading cadres selection and appointment from some respects,such as age,educational background,communication,and so on,and also raises some methods of establishing correct selecting guidance,checking five respects strictly,using reserve practically,attaching importance to cadres alternation,training and selecting excellent young cadres for cadres selection and appointment,basing on the domestic and foreign successful experience.
Keywords/Search Tags:Party and government leading cadres, Selection and appointment mechanism, Cadre team construction, Countermeasures and suggestions
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