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Research Selection And Appointment Of Public Confidence In The Party And Government Leaders Of A City

Posted on:2017-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485469268Subject:Public Administration
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Party and government cadres in our country, is the backbone of society and the development and critical groups, to build a high quality, strong contingent of cadres is an important guarantee for national construction. How to select good party and government leaders, a scientific and effective system of selecting and appointing cadres to become critical, and the cadre selection and appointment of public confidence, it has become a test cadre selection and appointment system, and workflow is fair, accurate and consistent with an important indicator of the needs of the masses.Since the founding of our country’s system of selecting and appointing cadres has undergone profound changes, becoming more scientific employment system, complete, the support system of selecting and appointing cadres, more and more talented people into the leadership cadres of economic and social undertakings It contributed an important force. In this environment, Party committees at all levels will continue to improve the scientific level of selection and employment, and public confidence in selecting and appointing cadres as an important basis for the test results of the work. A municipal party committee as a grass-roots cadre management organization, in terms of selecting and appointing cadres also implemented a number of useful exploration, and made remarkable achievements, but in practice there are still less than satisfactory. In response to this situation, through access to data, questionnaires manner, the city A cadre selection and appointment of the problem is further locked, selecting and appointing cadres that there exists a high degree of participation of the masses not the cadres elective procedure is not precise enough, selection and appointment of work is not transparent, fair decision-making level is still lacking, to a lesser extent in supporting systems, the results of cadres and the masses still a gap between expectations and other issues. And further to find the cause of the problem, the use of the basic theory of political psychology theory, human resources theory, leadership trait theory, people post trait theory of the mechanism of cadre selection and appointment of public confidence were analyzed, on this basis, from the initial nomination, democratic recommendation, evaluation, competition, public participation in six aspects of education management, developed to enhance the city a selection of leading cadres of public confidence in the work of specific measures.Through research, further defined the A City of selecting and appointing cadres in the problems in selecting and appointing cadres down to carry out the process can be more targeted improvements to improve, thereby sufficiently improved optimization of selecting and appointing cadres overall level, to achieve selection and appointment of public trust effective promotion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Leading Cadres, Selection and appointment, Credibility
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