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The Impact Of Public Service Motivation On The Organizational Citizenship Behavior Of Public Sector Employees

Posted on:2017-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330488471634Subject:Administrative Management
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China has entered a crucial period of reform currently, and building a service-oriented government is the key measure of the mechanism reform. If the government intends to transform to a service-oriented one, it’s inseparable from a group of effective team. And this team play the role of service. The public sector employees treat the public interest achievement as their duty and mission. The key to show the best service is how to use the public service motivation. Public service motivation can inspire more altruism.This study reviews the relevant research at home and abroad. There is a understanding of the public service motivation, organizational citizenship behavior, job satisfaction and conscientiousness. The study took four questionnaires which widely recognized by the academia. The organizational citizenship behavior scale and the personnel scale have been tested in the Chinese background. On the basis of existing research, the author put forward the hypothesis of this article. The public service motivation was a independent variables. The organizational citizenship behavior was a dependent variable. The job satisfaction played a mediator role. And the conscientiousness was a moderator. This survey used the convenience sampling method factor analysis, descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, and multivariate regression analysis. With the the empirical study of 460 public sector employees, the author found every dimension of the public service motivation(attraction to public policy making,commitment to civic duty and the public interest, compassion,self-sacrifice) contributed to the occurrence of organizational citizenship behavior. While the public service motivation become higher, the job satisfaction will increase too. As a result, the organizational citizenship behavior level becomes higher. The author tested the job satisfaction played a mediating incompletely. In addition, the study found conscientiousness personality positively regulates public service motivation and job satisfaction which two were positively correlated.In view of the above analysis and the results of research studies and data, the author acquired several suggestions to promote the occurrence of organizational citizenship behavior. First of all, the public sector should reform the evaluation method of employees to stimulate the public service motivation. Secondly, building a sound training system can enhance the spirit of public service. What’s more, improve the pay and promotion of public sector employees Finally, pay attention to the individual differences, it’s better to use diversity management.
Keywords/Search Tags:public service motivation, organizational citizenship behavior, job satisfaction, conscientiousness
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