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The Risk Evaluation Of Pension Real Estate Project Based On Extension Theory Research

Posted on:2017-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503470183Subject:Engineering economics and management
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According to the National Bureau of statistics, since 1999, China entered the aging society, the proportion of the aging population is increasing year by year. It is predicted that by 2020, the proportion of elderly population in the total population will be close to 20%. In this context, the use of private capital as a real estate pension solve the pension problems of a new form, to usher in its own development. As a new type of real estate projects, endowment real estate not only has high risk, long cycle, large-scale investment projects and other real estate common features, but also different from other types of real estate specific risk factors. Effective risk management and control, in favor of more robust pension real estate development is a serious problem. Therefore, pension real estate project risk assessment study is a worthy of our in-depth study and discussion of issues.In this study, reading the relevant literature premise Extension Theory pension real estate project risk assessment problems are analyzed and studied. First, according to real estate research at home and abroad Pension pension estate summed up the characteristics of real estate and pension risk assessment features. Secondly, the use of extensive correlation tree analysis presents 25 index, then by consultants and survey data removed six indicators, eventually constructed the pension policy risks, financial and economic risk, pension estate technical risk, pension estate construction risk pension and pension risk real estate sales real estate six operational risk management-level indicators as a guideline layer, 19 secondary indicators as an index layer pension real estate project risk evaluation index system. Then, using expert scoring method and AHP to determine the index weight pension real estate project risk evaluation index system weight, combined with extension theory of matter element theory, optimal evaluation method, after determining classical field, controlled field and to be evaluated was yuan, and calculating the degree of correlation to determine the risk factors to be evaluated rank constructed extension pension real estate project risk evaluation model. Finally, an old-age real estate project in Xi’an as the research object empirical analysis, by extension pension estate risk assessment model for the study of risk evaluation studies to determine risk factors for real estate projects pension level studied, and for middle level and above the risk factors are given recommendations, provide a theoretical basis for the development of real estate projects pension risk control.This study aims to provide a scientific risk identification system for domestic pension real estate projects, measure and evaluation methods for future pension real estate project risk assessment carried out further studies to provide a theoretical basis for the scientific risk assessment provided pension real estate project risk management and control model, to facilitate the development of real estate projects in the pension business development process better able to deal with risks. In this study, there is the establishment of the index system is not perfect and other deficiencies, I hope to make up for future research.
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