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Physical Education Students In Gansu Province Entrance Speed Quality Training Investigation

Posted on:2015-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330422983552Subject:Sports training
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As one of the important contents of speed movement quality, has the vital significanceto the development of the human body movement ability. In this paper, through the analysisto the Gansu province sports professional students speed training of quality investigation, acomprehensive understanding of the basic situation of the quality of training, to explore thelaw of speed quality training, find out the factors influencing the speed quality development,explore the problems in training, and then propose to improve and enhance the quality oftraining development strategies on the existing problems gradually increase the speed, andprovide a basis for the quality performance of Gansu province sports college entranceexamination students, this research to further enhance the Gansu province sports specializedstudents professional courses, improve the speed of training effect have a certain practicalsignificance and practical value.This paper is based on the Gansu province sports specialized students speed training asthe research object. Based on the application of literature data, questionnaire survey,interviews, statistics and logic analysis, and based on the expert interview, investigation ofGansu physical education college entrance examination of coaches, the students, theinvestigation on the analysis of present situation of the quality of training, draw thefollowing conclusions:(1) Gansu province college entrance examination sports professionalstudents overall physical quality is not ideal, especially the quality of the result is not ideal,the examinee is not scientific sources.(2) the ideal age structure, educational backgroundand professional title structure of Gansu province sports specialized students trainingcoaches, but less research and professional training, training period is short, the lack ofexperience, poor methods, training speed, application and develop training plan is notscientific, training content, select single training methods, means of implementation are nottargeted, showing the training level is not high, especially in speed quality level ofexaminees increased slowly.(3) of Gansu province sports specialized students speed qualityscores candidates training motivation is not clear, the lack of understanding of the speedquality training, method, means of unreasonable, cause analysis and measures the speedquality bad grades are not in place, do not pay enough attention to the important role ofspeed quality in college entrance examination the way to improve its performance,, not much. (4) The Gansu province sports specialized students speed quality of the university entranceexam overall low relative to other projects.(5) in the Gansu province college entranceexamination sports professional training enthusiasm and good attitude, coaches have goodoccupation ethics and professionalism, however, the level of scientific training, the materialconditions of security, training management system still has certain limitation, is one of thelimiting factors to improve the Gansu province sports specialized students speed quality.(6)The cause of Physical Education Specialty in Gansu province college entrance examinationstudents speed quality grades are in many aspects, to improve and enhance the strategyshould be the training view.According to the Gansu province sports specialized students training present situationand put forward the following countermeasures:(1) clear professional sports collegeentrance examination students training objectives, strengthen the selection of diagnosis, dothe scientific material.(2) to strengthen the training, improve the training level of coachesand coaching ability, scientific training (3) correctly handle the "learning and trainingcontradiction", realize the coordinated development of (4) the optimization of the schooltraining material conditions, enlarging the funds investment, improve the training ground,equipment, ensure the sports college entrance examination training of victory (5) theestablishment of evaluation system, increase incentives, improve the training enthusiasm ofthe coaches.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gansu province, college entrance examination, training, quality, students, present situation, Development Countermeasures
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