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Based On The Treadmill Cardiopulmonary Endurance Testing And Training Methods

Posted on:2015-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Cardiopulmonary endurance is refers to the ablity of the heart, lung and blood vessels carrying oxygen to sports muscle oxygen, and using oxygen to produce energy, which is one of the most important health fitness evaluation index. Good cardiopulmonary enduranceplays an important role for the transport of oxygen and nutrients, and the removal of the metabolites in vivo, especially in high intensity exercise. At present, due to the increase of the sedentary lifestyle and the decrease of physical activity, the cardiopulmonary endurance of all ages are declining, which caused the increased incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD), the insufficient of ability of physical activity, easy fatigue and a series of health problems. Using scientific means to improve the public’s cardiopulmonary endurance level, is a problem to be solved in the field of population health In addition, cardiopulmonary endurance is the essential parameter in the process of personalized exercise plan formulation.Based on the above analysis, this paper revolves around the research about the analysis of cardiopulmonary endurance limitting factor, low cost and convenient measurement method, precision type training methods which is based on the treadmill, the main innovative research work includes:Firstly, according to the physiology model of cardiopulmonary system, and extracting the physical characteristic parameters of each stage of the oxygen transport path in cardiopulmonary system, the purpose of this paper is to set up the non-exercise regression model of V02max based on physical characteristic parameters, and to quantificationally analyze the physiology determining factors of VO2max. Through correlation analysis, factors analysis and linear regression analysis, we get the approximate regression equation:V02max=-1347.788+37.85*muscle mass(MM)+6.672*systolic pressure (SP)+0.014*myocardial perfusion (MP)+0.114*forced vital capacity (FVC)-319.16*resting pulse rate (PRrest)+77.066*body mass index (BMI)(R=0.810, P<0.01). And with the validation of control group, there is significant correlation between the predicted and measured value of VO2max.Secondly, in view of low cost, convenience, safety requirements of the public health field, this article developed three cardiopulmonary endurance testing method which are based on the treadmill and heart rate monitor. Selecting the treadmill as a basis for sports equipment, discarding of expensive gas detection instruments and equipment, this article designed and implemented three kinds of cardiopulmonary endurance of indirect test method, that is hierarchical load testing, two levels load testing and three levels load testing. Using VO2000directly testing methods as contrast testing, correlation coefficient respectively is R2=0.63, R2=0.75R2=0.82, which verify the effectiveness and operability of the various indirect test method.Thirdly, this article puts forward the precise cardiopulmonary endurance training method based on the treadmill. Seting treadmills which is widely applied to indoor fitness equipment as research object, using heart rate-exercise intensity relations characterizing cardiopulmonary endurance, through the dynamic adjustment of the treadmill speed and slope, the ultimate goal is that the actual exercise heart rate anastomoses with the expected heart rate as far as possible, then faithfully implement endurance exercise prescription,and achieve the expected effect of fitness.In this paper, the author studies on cardiopulmonary endurance measurement and the training method get the characteristics of low cost, simple operation, thus, they are suitable for the public field of fitness requirement, and have broad application prospects.
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