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Comparative Study Of Curriculum Of Tourism Higher Vocational Education Between China And Australia

Posted on:2015-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330431486764Subject:Tourism Management
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As an important part of higher education of tourism, tourism higher vocationaleducation occupies the irreplaceable important position in tourism education. Tourismhigher vocational colleges are the cradle of cultivating tourism line talents for thesociety in our country, the curriculum is reasonable or not is the crucial factor toensure the timely and effective delivery of talent. However, there exist manyunreasonable phenomena during the development of the curriculum of tourism highervocational education, such as the curriculum weight theory and light practice; coursestructure was old-fashioned; curriculum content repeated and so on. In order to solvethese problems, this paper has imported the perfect higher vocational educationcurriculum system-Australia TAFE courses.Firstly, this paper state the concept of tourism higher education, the curriculum,Australia TAFE courses and so on to lay the foundation for the following discussion.Secondly, reveal the curriculum of tourism vocational education current situation ofour country and Australian from the curriculum idea, curriculum goal, curriculumcontent, curriculum implementation and evaluation these five aspects. The paper citesome tourism higher vocational colleges as the practical cases for proof, throughcollecting and organizing literature which related with tourism vocational educationcurriculum and investigate and analyze the pattern of Australia TAFE curriculum andthe present situation of the tourism curriculum in higher vocational colleges of ourcountry then compare tourism higher vocational education curriculum between thetwo countries to reveal the characteristics of Australia TAFE curriculum and theproblems existing in the curriculum of tourism management specialty in highervocational colleges of our country.Based on the above discussion and the actual situation of the curriculum inhigher vocational colleges in our country, the author relocate the curriculumobjectives of higher vocational tourism professional and put forward suggestions forcurriculum system construction. At the same time, the author predict the futuredevelopment trend. To construct the perfect curriculum system, Firstly, we shouldincrease the intensity of government support, further improve the mechanism ofuniversity-enterprise cooperation; Secondly, set clear course training goals; Thirdly,combine degree education and vocational education; At last, with the change of the times, design scientific curriculum system accordingly. Besides, the curriculum oftourism higher vocational education will towards the direction of expanding thecoverage of the course content, increasing practice session percentage and closelylinked to the job market to develop.
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