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Research On The Education Fund Raising Channel Of The Newly-built Local Undergraduate Colleges

Posted on:2015-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Newly-built local undergraduate colleges play an increasingly important role In our country’s higher education system. With the rapid development of the newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities, the number of students increased year by year, The expansion of the scale of higher education, the school needed for education funding gap is becoming more and more big, Just rely on the country’s fiscal appropriation cannot meet the needs of school development, Education funding shortage has become a new local undergraduate colleges and universities of sustainable and healthy development of the key factors. By using literature method and comparative method, empirical study this paper. In the understanding of on the basis of the newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities education financing channel present situation, analyze the existing problems and causes in the colleges and universities to raise funds for education channels, puts forward path to widen the financing channels combined with the actual situation of local and college itself, aim to increase the new local undergraduate education funds. Specifically, this paper includes the following aspects:First of all, expound the Concept analysis and Theoretical basis. The definition of the newly-built local undergraduate colleges, Educational fund, the channel of college education fund raising, as the basis of this article on the theory of cost sharing in Higher Education, the theory of human capital,the economy theory of university of scale and scope.Secondly, the current situation of Education financing channels in the newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities. This article is based on L colleges as a case for investigation about the present situation of its education fund raising, the investigation found that the school education financing channels:the income of fiscal, the income of education funds, the income of education loan, the income of social donation, the income of other, and for the above Six education financing channels are intensive studied.Thirdly, the existing problems and causes of Education financing channels in the newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities. the existing problems:Financial support is insufficient, Social participation is not high, The development degree of cooperative education is nothing much, Specifically the small amount of social donation, the ability to raise funds is weak for colleges and universities, Research capacity is insufficient, Education loan seriously, Financing is weak, The imbalance of supply and demand of fund. Found the problem after the depth of the reason, the government aspect:The higher education is Lack of motivation on the local government investment,The system of fiscal appropriation is existing problem; The social aspect:The development of cooperation in running schools is restricted with the local economic and social development level, Social donation system is imperfect; The university itself aspect:scientific research funds In less, The school scale is expanded sharply, Capital demand big, Education funds raising channels are limited, don’t pay attention to the cost of running, the education funds use efficiency is not high.Fourthly, the Path of newly-built local undergraduate colleges broadens the financing channels. Based on the problems existing in the education fund raising to meet the actual situation of the university itself and form The Reform of the system of government policy, endeavor to get government support, To carry out the cooperation in running schools, enhancing university-enterprise cooperation, To perfect the security system of Finance itself four aspects put forward targeted guidance, Specifically in the following aspects:Using different funding model and Using different Funding allocation proportion, to explore the various forms of cooperative education’pattern; endeavor to get government support; To explore various forms of cooperation in running schools model and To walk the way of produces, studies, studies, applies unifies; To perfect organizational management, Attract education donation, Establish a long-term mechanism, control the financial risk, Strengthen the budget management carry out the system reform, Mobilize the positive factors, formulate incentives, strengthen the budget management system reform In order to perfect their financing guarantee system in colleges and universities.
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