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Employment Instruction Service Center Of The Newly-established Local Undergraduate Colleges Research

Posted on:2014-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422957558Subject:Public administration
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With rapid development of society, the labor market increased competition led tovarious aspects of contemporary college students ’ pressure, reduced ability to adaptthe society, their employment situation is not optimistic. Graduates ’ employmentguidance services increasingly aroused widespread public concern, in promoting andstrengthening the employment guidance for college students in colleges anduniversities active in exploring the work of service. Employment instruction ServiceCenter as a specialized agency of employment instruction service work in collegesand universities, in the promotion of career guidance services in schools plays a veryimportant role in the work. The study on China’s construction of newly-built localundergraduate university students ’ employment guidance services Center forinvestigation and retrieval of information, and through documentary analysis andinterviews and other research methods, on China’s construction of newly-built localundergraduate university students’ employment guidance service center status (basicinformation, management, team-building, institution-building, site-building) wasmore fully elaborated.Study in recent years, the newly-built local colleges have been set up aspecialized Centre for career guidance services, in terms of employment instructionservice center of the building, there is also a system sound, management confusion;teachers and little website poorly, lagging issues such as online services. This studysuggests that the lack of uniform standards of employment instruction service centerof sound management, school leader insufficient priority given to employmentinstruction service work, running the funds shortage is leading to employmentguidance center the main cause of the problems mentioned above. Employmentguidance services for China’s newly-built local undergraduate college Center of thestatus quo and existing problems, awareness-raising, streamlining the managementmechanism for the research, accelerate personnel training, formulation of careerguidance in colleges and universities Service Center accreditation standards, andimprove the website policy recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly-built local undergraduate college, Employment guidance, construction
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