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Research On The Transformation And Development Of Newly-built Colleges From The Perspective Of Vocational Education

Posted on:2018-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330536468466Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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The newly-built undergraduate colleges established in the early 21 st century,which is also called regional colleges.They have gradually occupied an important positionin Chinese higher education system and socio-economic development process.At this stage,government proposed to encourage and guide some local universities to apply to the University of Applied Technology and focus on the implementation of undergraduate vocational education.However,those policies has not yet clearly applied the concept and nature of technical universities,or formulate the set standards of technical university,resulting in many colleges and universities,especially for the new-built colleges having doubts about the transformation.A small part of them even showing a negative treatment.This study will dismiss the public doubts about why should it transform and how to do better.It contains three parts: National policy orientation,the development of new undergraduate institutions themselves,the economic and social development of vocational education.Accordingly,this paper mainly points out that the essential reason for the transformation of newly-built colleges is the diversification of the demand of higher education talents by economic and social development through the way of literature collection.firstly.The transformation of vocational education can make the new undergraduate colleges different from other undergraduate education types.Then this paper explores the need for the transformation of new undergraduate colleges,eliminating people's misunderstanding of the transition.Secondly,in the view of the application of undergraduate in developed countries and regions have a wealth of development experience,research will based on the development of international applied university experience to do a summary of the success of their schools.And finally explore the practical ways of applying the development of technicaluniversities.This paper has always combined with the basic situation of our new undergraduate colleges,the policy environment and the actual situation of economic development.At the end of the study,the paper summarizes the transformation and development of the new undergraduate colleges in China and put forward the future development trend of new undergraduate colleges,which will continue to build local application-oriented universities,and enrich its development connotation.At present,combined with domestic and foreign experience in the development of higher education and China's basic national conditions,the status of higher education development analysis,the construction of local applied undergraduate colleges is one of the goals of the development of the vast majority of new undergraduate colleges.We should further deepen our understanding of the construction of local applied universities and actively explore the various forms of transformation and development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Vocational education, Newly-built undergraduate colleges, Local application-oriented universities, Personnel training
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