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The Research On Teaching Quality Guarantee System Among Newly-built Local Undergraduate Colleges And Universitiesunder The Background Of A New Round Of Evaluation

Posted on:2017-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities are not only the important parts of higher education system in our country, but also are the driving forces for the local economic and social development. Under the background of a new round of evaluation, in order to improve and guarantee the teaching quality and to realize sustainable development, the newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities must strengthen the teaching quality management and actively explore and construct a set of teaching quality guarantee system which is well-established, running effectively and accordingly with their own characteristics and needs of self-development.This paper adopts literature analysis methods, survey research methods, expert consultation methods combining with pedagogy theory, management theory and quality management theory. It concludes the present situations and the existing problems of the newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities, and also analyzes the causes of those problems. More importantly, this paper explores the concepts, principles, elements and strategies of constructing the teaching quality guarantee system internally and externally among such colleges and universities. Based on above, this article finally points out methods and countermeasures to improve and develop teaching quality guarantee system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Evaluation, Newly-built local colleges and universities, teaching quality guarantee system
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