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Newly-built Local Undergraduate Colleges And Universities Research On Status Quo And Countermeasures Of Professional Practice Teaching

Posted on:2021-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The newly-built local universities are developed under the background of the popularization of higher education in China.It is an important part of the higher education system.The goal of training talents in the newly-built local universities is to cultivate the practical and high-quality talents who take the innovative and practical ability.The talents also can go down to the grass-roots units and work in the front-line.Professional practice teaching is an important way to cultivate applied talents and a key link to cultivate students' professional ability and innovative ability.The newly-built local universities actively respond to the national initiative to transform into application-oriented universities.In the process of transformation and development,there are still some problems,such as vague orientation of running schools and weak in practical teaching.Students' professional ability is not fit for the requirements of enterprises,so the enterprises are difficult to employ workers,and the graduates are difficult to find jobs.At the same time,the employment structure contradiction is also increasingly prominent.To strengthen the reform of professional practice teaching and enhance the students' professional practice ability have become an urgent task for the newly-built local universities.This paper mainly uses the methods of literature,case analysis,questionnaire and interview.The study pays attention to the combination of theoretical research and practical research,then deeply analyzes the problems,reasons,connotation and current situation of professional practice teaching in newly-built local universities.This paper also puts forward corresponding strategies and suggestions which provide theoretical support,practical reference for the reform and innovation of professional practice teaching in newly-built local universities.The thesis includes the following parts.Introduction: it introduces the definition of related concepts,the research background,purpose,significance,and the research status,content,methods at home and abroad.Chapter one introduces the overview of the professional practice teaching in the newly-built local universities.It focuses on the reform background,theoretical basis and basic principles of the professional practice teaching in the newly-built local universities.Chapter two is the analysis of the current situation of the professional practice teaching in the newly-built local universities.Taking Tangshan university as an example and making some questionnaire and interview,many questions are found,such as unclear professional practice teaching objectives,unreasonable content setting,backward management,lack of the security and unscientific evaluation,although the newly-built local universities have made some achievements in the reform of professional practice teaching.The main reasons include insufficient promotion of school transformation,poor integration of professional practice teaching,inadequate management of practice teaching,insufficient investment in practice teaching,backward evaluation mode of talent training quality,etc.Chapter three is strategies and suggestions.It bases on the reality of our country and draws on the successful experience of developed countries.Then it puts forward countermeasures and suggestions for the professional practice teaching of newly-built local universities in China.The countermeasures and suggestions include the teaching objectives,contents,management,guarantee and evaluation of professional practice teaching.The conclusion part summarizes the viewpoints of this paper.Finally,limitations and suggestions for future study are given.The purpose of this study is to improve the professional practice teaching level of newly-built local universities,to improve the professional practice ability of students,and contribute to the cultivation of applied talents in newly-built local universities.
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