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A Research On The Streaming-Transformation Value Orientation Of The Newly Built Undergraduate Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2017-04-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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It is imperative to promote the newly built undergraduate colleges and universities to stream and transform to applied education.Nowadays,the newly built undergraduate colleges and universities generally have enrollment and employment problems which are in contradiction with the recruitment difficulties in labor market.And the increasingly fierce name-changing and development dilemmas drive them to transform and stream.Firstly we should clear the value orientations of all interests subject in the transformation and coordinate the conflicts.Therefore,this research is mainly on the Streaming-Transformation value orientation of the newly built undergraduate colleges and universities in the sense of theory and practice.For the newly built undergraduate colleges and universities,transformation and streaming are inseparable.Transformation is the background and ends of streaming whereas streaming is the premise and necessary means of transformation,so the two together is referred to as "the streaming-transformation about the newly built undergraduate colleges and universities" in this research.It means a qualitative change of the running type through the adjustment and differentiation of the elements within the system and the relationships between them according the changeable environment,which aims to keep the balance between the internal and external environment of the system,and to promote the development of students,colleges themselves,economy and society.According to their nature,purposes,needs or abilities,the basic value stand,attitudes and orientations the subjects held when faced with the contradictions,conflicts and relationships in the Streaming-Transformation are what we call "The Streaming-Transformation Value Orientation of the Newly Built Undergraduate Colleges and Universities",which mainly reflects in six crucial elements:educational localization,talent training,scientific research,social service,teaching staff and school resources.The survey shows that the colleges hold a contradictory state of mind for the Streaming-Transformation policy and there appears five different types:"active support","utility support","wait-and-see","secret boycott" and "definite oppose".Local departments,students and parents,enterprises also have their own different opinions about it.Through the survey,the newly built colleges have established applied localization,but the actual orientation is assimilated to academic university;generally attach importance to and actively promote the talent training mode reform,but pay more attention to scientific research than teaching in practice;generally attach importance to scientific research,but it is difficult for the applied scientific research to carry out because of unreasonable positioning and lack of applied ability.For most colleges' service,the position is too high,the consciousness is not strong enough,and the ability needs to be improved.The colleges universally attach importance to"dual-qualified teachers" construction,but it floats to the surface due to the structural and institutional obstacles in reality.Generally the colleges are short of educational resources,but more short of resource management ability.There also has problems of the single source channel,not sufficiently developed and unreasonably used internal resources,lack of communication and coordination among government,colleges and enterprises,difficult fusion of industry and education.The value orientation conflict of the Streaming-Transformation about the newly built undergraduate colleges and universities behave in five aspects:first,in terms of Streaming-Transformation,provincial-level government and some "province and cities to build,mainly by cities" municipal government insist utilitarian or efficiency value with local political and economic interests as the center,which produces conflicts with the central government's political value orientation focused on social legitimacy;second,the streaming-transformation policy has experienced a process of induced institutional change by the central government to the mandatory one by the local government,while resource allocation and streaming-transition supporting policies embodies respectively the efficient and speculative value orientation of local government.The contradictory policy result in the newly built undergraduate colleges and universities to lose running autonomy,may also produce another form of "homogeneity",weaken the value of the streaming-transition policy itself and the government authority;third,the public's utilitarian value orientation leads to them not supporting the government's streaming-transformation policy,which cause certain pressure to the policy choice of the newly-built universities and colleges;fourth,through university-enterprise cooperation,the newly-built colleges hope to realize multiple values focused on improving education quality whereas the enterprises aim at economic interests,which causes a value conflict and affect the in-depth development of university-enterprise cooperation;fifth,the colleges and universities are looking forward to enjoy the streaming-transition policy dividend,but concern about the negative effects policy may bring.The teachers not only hope to realize independent development and gain fame and wealth through the transition,but also have concerns about the policy.The students hold a state of worry and expectation from their own interests.These lead to a value orientation conflict between different interest subjects in the newly built undergraduate colleges.The reason leads to the value orientation conflict is various.Firstly,the government's top design and overall coordination of the streaming-transformation policy is not enough,and the interest subjects fail to realize the value of mutual recognition,which leads to the policies not be completely implemented by the local government,and even be "deformated".The public's "absence" in policy-making and enterprises' "free state" in participating the university-enterprise cooperation even weakens the legitimacy foundation of streaming-transformation policy.Secondly,lack of theoretical research on streaming-transition policy,the absence of the social evaluation intermediary organizations' supervision,the failure of the media guidance of public opinion,and public's restriction by the traditional culture,are the important causes leading to the value conflicts.Thirdly,paying excessively attention to short-term economic interests while ignoring long-term investments,as well as the high cost and risk of university-enterprise cooperation,affects the enterprises to fulfill the social responsibility in the cooperation.At the same times,the embarrassing position of the trade association also restricts it to play its role in the cooperation.At last,due to the school-running autonomy has not been fully implemented,the newly built undergraduate colleges cannot choose its own development path.At the same time,influenced by the thinking and institutional inertia,the running mode of newly built undergraduate colleges are convergent with the comprehensive universities and the development is underpowered.To compare European entrepreneurial university with European university of applied technology,for the value orientation,the former units academic institutions with commercial corporations as one,the latter adheres to the scientific education for occupational practice;for talent training,the former lays emphasis on both innovation consciousness and ability,the latter underlines practice and active participation of government,society and enterprises;for scientific research,the former is striving to achieve the best of both worlds:creating value and back-feeding academic,while the latter sticks to the combination of teaching and research under the guide of application;or social service,the former attaches great importance to the harmony between government guidance and university-enterprise cooperation,the latter insist on sustainable development in the service;for teaching staff,the former attaches importance to the development of both professional competency and marketability,the latter insist on both teaching-research ability and practical experience,both full time and part time;for school resources,the former raises money through multiple channels combined with internal regulation,the latter unites government grants with striving in many ways.The successful experience of the two will help guide newly built undergraduate colleges in our country to coordinate the streaming-transformation value orientations of the interests subject.To harmonize the streaming-transition value conflicts of the newly-founded universities,we must adhere to "equity of quality" as the core value,adhere to the principles of combining laws-respecting with development-improving,independent choice with differential treatment,macro plan with micro optimization.Also we should apply the mechanisms of equal cooperation,consultation and negotiation,legislative regulation,administrative coordination,profit incentive and public opinion guidance.Governments at all levels should further transform function,improve the top-level design and overall coordination,in which the central government should play a role of macro regulation and market mechanism,and optimize the streaming-transition environment.The local government should perfect the provincial plan and regional linkage mechanism,and promote the enterprise-education fusion and collaborative talent cultivation.For sociai aspect,experts and scholars should strengthen related policy research to consolidate the applied education theory with Chinese characteristics;the news media should correctly guide public opinion to promote the concept transition and create a good social environment;the third party,appraisal institutions,should fully give play to their professional advantage to participate in building applied education quality guarantee system.Enterprises should strengthen their subject consciousness and actively fulfill the social responsibility to construct a deep cooperation mode of "resource sharing,talent co-training,process co-managing,achievement sharing,Shared responsibility co-bearing";the trade organizations should promote their responsibility and actively play their due role.The newly built undergraduate colleges and universities should update educational philosophy and focus on contents construction and external coordination,which is to make their school orientation localized,practical and characteristic;innovate diversified talent training mode,actively promote the reform of course system and teaching mode,and deepen the reform of creation and entrepreneurship education;change the scientific research orientation,attaches great importance to the research achievements application,and adhere to the scientific research servicing teaching;insist on facing local,aim at the market,and strengthen the function of social service;continuously optimize the teaching staff,extend the teacher resources channels,promote teachers' abilities,and improve teachers' management system;expand educational resources and realize the diversity of sources,and achieve the optimal configuration and rational utilization of resources.
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