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The Enlightenment Of The Trends Of American Community College Curriculum On The Newly - Built Local Colleges In

Posted on:2015-08-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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American Community College has been a long history in the curriculum provision.In this process, the Community College’s curriculum provision in the UnitedStates itself not only profoundly reveals the connotation of social education andeducational socialization, but also tries to cultivate indiscriminate citizens and promoteeducation fair, which inspired by American values. American Community College along withits own curriculum’s development and constantly updating and improving. Expandingthe diversity of American higher education and enhancing the practicability of highereducation, but also broking the previous idea that attached great importance to theacademic work,but despised the technical aspects of American higher education. themost important thing is that community colleges with its unique way of curriculumprovision, make community college present a comprehensive and applied schooleducation idea, for the curriculum reform of higher education in many countries in theworld as a good experience, and the appropriateness of community college coursesand an effective way to achieve. In another hand, providing reference to our localnewly-built universities and undergraduate colleges. Promoting the long-term mutuallinkage mechanism relationship between the development of higher education and theregional economy.This thesis is composed of six parts as the following:Introduction. This part is a brief introduction about the purpose and significanceof this study, research contents and methods are presented in this paper, and theresearch status analysis, define the related concepts.Part one: The research and analysis of the trends in curriculum provision incommunity college. Through the case study there will be a discussion on thecurriculum provision in the aspects of trends and characteristics.Part two: An investigation on the curriculum provision of Yunnan local newlybuild undergraduate colleges and universities, and grasp the status from the survey. Part three: The existing problems of newly-built undergraduate colleges anduniversities in Yunnan region in the aspect of curriculum provision. Including: thecurriculum provision and orientation are still in the exploratory stage; the lack offeatures in the types of professional curriculum; curriculum system lack of dynamicsand can not adapt to the demands of the marketing changes; the curriculum’scontinuity of space and time has yet to be strengthened.Part four: Enlightens in new ways of curriculum provision of newly-builtundergraduate colleges and universities in Yunnan region: the curriculum provisionshould have the potential benefit to the development of lifelong education; improveof the vocational education curriculum provision; the curriculum provision stick tothe regional development needs; give the priority to the practical utility of thecurriculum provision.Conclusion: Epilogue.
Keywords/Search Tags:Curriculum Provision, Newly-built undergraduate colleges anduniversities, Case analysis, Enlightenment
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