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Research On China’s Pension Fund Investment Operation Risk Prevention Under The Background Of Population Aging

Posted on:2016-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330461994374Subject:Social security
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At present, China is an aging society, due to the aging of our country from the current fast pace of development in which the rapid aging stage a gradual transition to accelerate the aging stage. China’s aging population will greatly increase the growing problem of the burden of pension expenditure, but also on pension investment operations made more severe challenges. In recent years, the Chinese government continues to deepen the reform of the social security system, combined with a gradual increase of the financial investment of pension funds, so that there is a certain balance of the pension, and the accumulated surplus is increasing. "National Social Security Fund Investment Management Interim Measures," the implementation of pension investment operations provide policy support, and pointed out the direction of investment. Since then, China’s pension funds started to enter the capital market, market-oriented operations. In the market-oriented operation of the pension process inevitably encounter various risks, coupled with China’s growing aging population and the serious impact of the US financial crisis, pension fund makes perfect operational risk preventive measures is very important.Firstly, This paper first research problems of operational risk at home and abroad about the endowment insurance investment related literature systematically comb, on this basis, the aging of population, pension fund, defined the concept of the endowment insurance fund operation regulation, and expounds the related theory; Secondly, the aging of the population status and development trend of China are elaborated in detail; Then analyzed under the background of population aging of the operation of pension fund in China is facing a variety of risks, and analyzes the causes of these risks; Finally, from the basic principles, the operation of the fund to actively cope with the aging problem for fund operation create a positive atmosphere, perfect and raise gold investment operations related laws and regulations and supporting system, and so on several aspects, for an ageing population under the background of various kinds of operational risk of pension fund in our country put forward to prevent some of the more feasible opinion and the suggestion, in order to offer reference to guard against all kinds of endowment insurance fund operation risk in our country and draw lessons from.In this paper, using literature study and statistics analysis, empirical analysis method, in the actual operations of China’s pension multiple risks brought by the different investment tools for systematic analysis, puts forward some feasible risk prevention. Study of endowment insurance fund investment operation risk, some studies were carried out at home and abroad, is to directly the elaboration and analysis of risks for pension investments associated with China’s population aging problem research of operational risk is less. In this paper under the background of population aging in our country, the core of pension fund operating a variety of risks and prevention countermeasures, in the research perspectives has the certain innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Aging of the Population, Endowment Insurance Fund, Investment and Operation, Risk Prevention
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