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A Research On Demographic Dividend And Economic Growth

Posted on:2016-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Demographic dividend gradually become a hot topic. With the completion of the demographic transition, the age structure of the population has also changed. We use demographic dividend is conditional, which requires and other mechanisms and factors that promote the effect of the demographic dividend play mate. However, the advantages of our population is gradually disappearing, maintain economic growth conducive to the use of these factors promote the demographic dividend, further improve the policy environment conducive to the promotion of demographic factors so that the effect of China’s economic growth to maximize unfolded. Based on the above phenomena and problems, this paper the relationship between population and economic growth dividend conducted a systematic analysis and argumentation. The main contents of which are summarized below:Chapter1Introduction presented the background and significance of this theory at home and abroad were reviewed, research and innovation.Chapter2theory by studying abroad, respectively bonus, the demographic dividend period, the first demographic dividend, bonus and the nature of the demographic dividend Population makes a distinction between the second and definitions. Systematic exposition of the relationship with the difference between the first and second demographic dividend demographic dividend between. Strengthened the vague understanding of the demographic dividend and related areas, to explore further understand the relationship between population and economic growth demographic dividend from the theory.Chapter3is the Solow-Swan growth model as a research framework, based on total factor productivity (TFP) is constant, steady-state model is a growth model; depreciation rate of investment in human capital and physical capital are equal and have the same production function; Population growth rate of exogenously given; outputs for savings in some; under the scale of investment in human capital and physical capital investment of considerable economic impact of the situation to establish a demographic dividend, the savings rate, the natural population growth rate and the depreciation rate function. And the use of empirical analysis shows that the population of red really make a contribution to economic growth.Chapter4analyzes the impact of the demographic dividend theory of economic development. Proving once again that the demographic dividend is an important factor in economic growth. But everything has its two sides, it also had a negative impact. In order to analyze its impact on the economic pros and cons. Finally, we discuss the factors that hinder the development of the demographic dividend.Chapter5presents relevant policy proposals, one to improve the productivity of the demographic dividend, to create conditions to absorb the demographic dividend. The second is to create jobs, to maintain rapid economic growth. The third is to promote the demographic dividend from the sub flow. Four is timely to extend survival time of the demographic dividend. Five is to adjust the population policy...
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