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The Study On The Current Situation Of The Specialty Construction For The Vocational Colleges In Yunnan Province

Posted on:2016-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the late1990s’ enrollment expansion of colleges and universities policy, Chinese higher education has rapidly entered the phase of popularization of higher education. The quality problem of the higher education is put by more and more people, In2007, the undergraduate education and teaching "quality project" project is launched.In order to carry out and implement this spirit, Yunnan province has established the ability in higher vocational colleges increase the professional services industry development in Yunnan province project construction plan" The plan takes the enhancing the professional service industry development as the starting point, and mainly to overall improve the level of higher vocational colleges,and the quality of personnel training. The construction goal of the project is mainly as follows: strengthening the province specialty construction of the higher vocational colleges in Yunnan province,planning the professional planning layout, optimizing the professional structure, refining professional characteristics, creating professional brand, promoting the professional development level, and comprehensively improving the quality of personnel training. This research takes the39professional characteristic of the26vocational colleges in Yunnan Province as the research sample, the analysis methods of text analysis and difference comparison as the research method, this research is Respectively from the recruitment of students work, faculty construction, practice condition, university-enterprise cooperation, course construction, project funds usage, the talent training quality and social evaluation,this eight aspects to analyze the present situation of39professional characteristic specialized construction.and then from the different professional type (industry supports type, Characteristics of lead type, talent shortage type, international collaborative type) and types of colleges and universities of different industries (comprehensive university, polytechnic colleges and normal universities and forestry colleges, agricultural colleges, medical schools, art schools, sports colleges, finance and economics universities, colleges and universities of political science and law) to analyze differences in eight aspects. This research wants to study the status quo of the specialty constructions for the39specialty in the implementation of the "professional service industry development ability of the project", and then finds out the existing problems and shortcomings, puts forward some improvement such way to provide certain theoretical help and practice guidance to the specialty constructions for the26vocational colleges.Through the study found that:1.Enrollment of the39feature specialty increase year by year in2011-2013but the actual number of admitted students is reducing year by year;2.the construction of the teacher team for the39feature specialty work orderly;3.39feature specialty form the practice curriculum structure, but the professional practice class hour is still more than the practice class;4.39feature specialty attache great attention to the construction of practical teaching conditions;5.After the funds input,39feature specialty funds are enforced,and the capital investment and spending are different;6.The ability of the professional industry services for the39feature specialty is good;7.Among the construction of professional for the four types,the international cooperative student acceptance rate is high.Industry support type of school training base construction work is better than the other three types.Characteristics of lead type off-campus practice base construction is the best.Talent shortage type has the tightness cooperation with the enterprise. The industry support type has the strongest social service ability;8.Teachers construction of sports colleges, agricultural colleges, and forestry condition overall is good.the usage of the funds for the forestry colleges,finance and economics colleges and law colleges is not optimistic. Four types of financial support for science is big. The fiscal expenditure is greater than input for the science college, the social service ability for the science college is strong.For solving on the problems, the researchers put forward:1. Strengthening the recruitment of students propaganda work, promoting the progress of the recruitment of students work;2. Employing industry enterprise of professional talents and skillful craftsman as faculty, teachers, and paying attention to the training of teachers;3.Building the outstanding ability training course mode;4. Strengthening the construction of practical teaching base;5. Strengthening the cooperation with enterprises;6. Balancing project funding for professional construction of the investment;7. Strengthening the ability of professional social services.
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