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Research On The Internal Guarantee Of Postgraduate Education Quality Of Full - Time Professional Degree

Posted on:2015-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330431977974Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Since2009, the scale of recruiting fresh graduates for full-time professional education of master’s degree has been amplified, and now it has made great progress in all respects. With the continuous development of full-time professional degree and the improving number of enrolling new students, the quality of education attracts more and more attention from society. Education quality assurance system mainly includes internal quality assurance system and external quality assurance system. The internal quality assurance system plays an important role, therefore it needs to be paid more attention. Only to construct a good full-time professional degree graduate education quality assurance system, it can make a mutual and effective cooperation with external quality assurance system, and to assure the education quality of full-time professional degree graduates together.This research is written around the topic about the construction of internal quality assurance system of a full-time professional degree of postgraduate education. Based on the existing researches, it mainly introduces the connotation and significance of some important concepts which are related to the topic. Then it introduces how to use integrity principle of system theory, ISO9000theory and PDCA theory to analysis and construct a full-time professional degree graduate internal assurance system of qualified education. According to the links of Plan, Do, Check and Action, this article takes Y University as an example, using questionnaire investigation, interviews and some other methods to make a survey of internal assurance system of education quality for full-time professional degree graduate. Based on the survey results of Y University, this article uses it to analysis the problems and causes of the assurance system. And put forward the education science degree separately, then carried on the pointed analysis.Based on the recursion theory of PDCA theory, this search respectively analysis15factors including professional setting, material support, training programs, faculty, students quality, teaching mode, mentoring, professional practice, culture building, employment guidance, thesis, education evaluation, supervision, feedback mechanism and the rewards and punishment system. The data tells us there are many problems in supporting of the quality of Y University, such as the integrating degree between training plan and process, the existence of multiple difficulties for teachers’ teaching, lack of diversity teaching modes, lack of attention to campus culture, lack of feedback mechanism and the shortage of power from rewards and punishment system, and so on. However, these problems have adverse impact on the educational quality. So this research put forward suggestions from three dimensions aimed at the existing problems:Aiming at the deficiency existed in the security system, we can make good preparation, improving teachers’ quality and students’ quality, being strict to the implementation and using spirit incentive to improve quality of assurance system. To maintenance the integrity and security of system, we can go through the work of employment guidance and supervision departments to promote the function in order to ensure the effective connection between the four parts. Building the most efficient full-time professional degree graduate education quality assurance system needs effective coordination between internal and external assurance system. So training units can actively seek external support system to help and guarantee the quality of education together through the material, double tutorial system, practice base, teaching quality evaluation and feedback mechanism.
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