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Full-time Professional Master Degree Education Quality Problems Research And Improvement Strategy

Posted on:2017-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330485489136Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Along with the advance of society, the education sector is also in constant development and expansion, including full-time professional master degree education to get a good development, but at the same time, the cultivation of the full-time master’s problem is frequent, the most striking is the problem of education quality, more in need of a set of systemic training system and system, etc., and solve the full-time professional master’s difficulties and problems exist in the process of cultivation, is a hot issue in current problems of graduate student training, but also a process of important theory significance and practice significance.This research mainly for full-time professional master’s, adopts the methods of literature, questionnaire and interview method, three kinds of research methods, such as quality problems in the current full-time professional master degree education carries on the analysis, sorting and induction, the problem is mainly manifested in the following aspects: first, students self positioning inaccurate; Second, students occupational identity is not strong; Third, the lack of practice in the curriculum; Fourth, teachers cultivate awareness needs to be improved, the teachers troop construction and management work does not reach the designated position; Fifth, the management mode of lack of characteristic; Sixth, poor students to learn the living environment satisfaction; Seventh, students participate in scientific research is not satisfactory; Eighth, the student internship practice seriously insufficient, etc. The author combined with the current education reality and the current status of full-time master of professional training, with total quality management theory, the higher education management theory, subject education theory and person’s full scale development theory as the backing, in order to further improve the current full-time professional master’s cultivation of effective strategies are put forward, namely: first, change the student’s own ideas. Including full-time professional master of education, a full-time professional master greatly and full-time professional master’s identity. Secondly, establish the scientific teaching system. Including flexible enhance comprehensive strength of teachers, training, teaching methods, pay attention to the practicability of courses with pertinence, and establish a personalized professional training mode. Third, to strengthen the full-time professional master’s regular training. Including strengthening management of full-time professional master’s admission and graduation, improve day master of professional skills of the application of conventional training and strengthening students’ practice practice of investment and management.Improving the quality of the cultivation of graduate students is an important problem in the current graduate education, the full-time master of professional training quality is a new and the weak link, related researchers should focus on at this point, to make efforts for full-time master of professional training.
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