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A Survey And Research On Establishing Students’ Professional Quality Cultivating Scheme In Secondary Medical Vocational School

Posted on:2016-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330482958425Subject:Public administration
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Medical secondary vocational education is obliged to cultivate and provide qualified medical personnel to medical institutions at various levels. Most graduates will work at front line clinical positions, and the graduates’professional quality has an direct affect on the service quality of medical institutions and people’s trust in the medical services provided by the government and the relationship between doctor and patient. So how to effectively cultivate students’professional quality in the process of establishing professional quality cultivation scheme of students in secondary vocational medical school is an important subject in front of medical secondary vocational education.Combining the working experience in Shanghai W School, the author had a survey and research on establishing students’professional quality cultivating scheme in Secondary Medical Vocational School by making Shanghai W School as an Example.Firstly, the author looks for theory supportment by introducing career planning theory, person’s comprehensive development theory and managerial psyc ho logy theory.Secondly, the author makes an observation and investigation in practical condition. Its content mainly includes the evaluation, suggestion, and requirements on medical technicians, which are acquired from school, hospitals and patients. This part provides realistic basis for the construction of professional quality cultivation scheme.Thirdly, after obtaining relevant theoretical support and practical basis, the author begins to focus on the establishment on professional quality cultivation scheme, which includes static state construction and dynamic state construction.In terms of static state construction, it consists of demand and process of construction of professional quality cultivation scheme. The demand includes target demands, content demands and main body demands. The process includes the construction of responsibility, the construction of implementation process and the construction of safeguard mechanism.In terms of dynamic state construction, its content is reflected through the running situation of professional quality cultivation scheme in Shanghai W School, which includes the cultivating mode of "three phases and three classes", integrated curriculum system and featured activities.Finally, combining with the operation condition of the professional quality cultivating scheme, the author makes a reflection on scheme of two aspects: inspection mechanism and perfection mechanism. On reflection of inspection mechanism, the author takes students’ appeals, hospital evaluation and satisfaction of patients into consideration. On reflection of perfection mechanism, the author puts forward that school should establish monographic study system, plan revising system and pre-cultivating and post-training integrative system to improve the effect of professional quality cultivating system.
Keywords/Search Tags:students of secondary medical vocational school, professional quality cultivation, scheme construction
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