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Research On Characteristic Specialty Construction Of Higher Vocational Education In Ethnic Areas

Posted on:2017-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330503983858Subject:Comparative Education
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As an important part of modern national education system, vocational education has a special important position, it bear the task of training a large number of skilled and applied talents which can adapt to the transformation of economic development patterns and the requirements of economic structural adjustment for the Ethnic Areas. However, the long-term development of Higher Vocational Education in ethnic areas is not a fact that can not be denied, which has restricted the development of higher level of national regions to a large extent. "New normal" economic background, development mode in the ethnic minority area is experiencing a profound change, from the past pursuit of speed and scale of the development way of extrapolating to pay attention to quality and sustainability of the endogenous development way. The drastic change of the mode of development is bound to change the quantity and level structure of the demand for talents of Higher Vocational Education in minority areas, and put forward higher requirements for the quality and direction of personnel training. Professional is the foundation of the teaching in vocational schools, professional setting of higher vocational education, is directly related to personnel training objectives, specifications and quality, related to vocational education in minority regions development prospects and the development of national regions of the future. Therefore research in Higher Vocational Colleges of professional settings can help to improve the educational level of higher vocational colleges, to build with its own characteristics, the advantages of professional, trained in the true sense of senior technical personnel, vocational education can better for social and economic services has fundamental significance.The article takes the specialty construction of Baoshan University and Qiandongnan National Polytechnic as examples, dissects the current condition, summarizes the establishment present situation of Higher Vocational Education in ethnic regions. The introduction part of the article, mainly introduces the reason of choosing this topic, research summary, the definition of core concepts, research significance, research ideas, content and methods, as well as heavy and difficult points. The first part of the article from three levels, discussed the need for characteristics construction in ethnic minority areas. Professional setting is Unicom schools and social needs of the bridge, and in the second part of the thesis, through the empirical analysis found that minority areas in Higher Vocational Education in recent years professional settings has been difficult to adapt to the needs of industrial structure in the national region development. How to achieve the endogenous development of ethnic areas, through the characteristics of professional training to become a breakthrough in the transition, and strive to get more competitive in the homogenization of the environment to obtain comparative advantage. Vocational Colleges in minority areas should take the responsibility of transporting human capital for the development of ethnic areas, and it is bound to be hard to explore in the professional setting. In the third part of the paper, the author from Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province, southwest of Guizhou Province, Guizhou three typical ethnic autonomous prefectures selected typical colleges and universities to analyze the characteristics of the professional setting. It also analyzes the Yunnan Baoshan college professional jade application case. Found through the case, the current higher vocational education in ethnic regions in the creation of special professional achievements, ethnic areas higher vocational in the specialty set reform seems to go in the right way. However, the result of the transformation is not optimistic: the lack of innovation, weakening characteristics, into the new homogenization deadlock and so on problems emerge in endlessly. The the fourth part focuses on the analysis of the problems existing in the current higher vocational characteristic and professional in the ethnic minority area exploratory: social needs investigation positioning; expert argumentation structure is irrational; professional design perspective is limited; professional declaration and examination and approval procedures not standard and so on. The root of these problems lies in the fact that there is no need to start from the actual needs of the ethnic areas, the characteristics of professional settings or in accordance with the mode of traditional professional settings to carry out. The last part of this paper, based on the endogenous development theory, combined with the current situation and problems of Higher Vocational Education in ethnic areas, puts forward the principles and methods of characteristic specialty setting. The author believes that in order to truly promote the endogenous development in ethnic minority areas, characteristic specialty settings must proceed to improve from the following several aspects : by external demand driven shift to a domestic demand driven; from government leading to multiple main interaction; variable lag passive is more flexible; the way of supervision and evaluation becomes more open and multiple.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ethnic Areas, The Endogenous Development, Higher Vocational Education, Specialty Construction, Characteristic Specialty
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