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Research On The Mechanism Of Business Model Replication Based On The Organization Learning Perspective

Posted on:2015-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K N DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330422470957Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The phenomenon of business model replication spread all around us. It is closelyrelated to our life. McDonald’s, KFC, Quanjude and Qiaojiangnan are typical cases ofbusiness model replication. But few domestic scholars study business model replication.Based on perceiving differences and entrepreneurial orientation as the breakthrough point,this survey research the mechanism of business model replication based on theorganization learning perspective.Firstly, I analyze the research background and status at home and abroad, pointingout that there is few theory research about business model replication at home. I reviewthe theories of entrepreneurial orientation and organization learning, at the same time, Istudy the related literature about business model replication abroad. Then I put forward thetheoretical framework and research hypothesis of this study.Secondly, I choose franchise stores of catering industry as the research object, usingSEM and regression analysis to empirical research. Conclusions as following:(1)differenttypes of environments lead enterprises to choose organization learning methods in adifferent way, and the impacts on the business model replication are different;(2)whenthere are differences between environments, the enterprise should choose acquisitivelearning method, then choose adaptation imitation;(3)when there is few differencebetween environments, the enterprise should choose experimental learning method, thenchoose inaccurate replication;(4)entrepreneurial orientation has a positive influence onexperimental learning.Finally, according to the results of empirical research in this paper, as well as therelated theory, I hope to help more franchisees to replicate business model more efficientlyand improve the organization performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:perceiving differences, entrepreneurial orientation, organization learning, acquisitive learning, experimental learning, business model replication
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