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Study On Performance Management For Customer Manager Of Commercial Banks

Posted on:2015-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330452470090Subject:Business Administration
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With the development of financial globalization, the competition for banking industry isincreasingly fierce. Accordingly, all commercial banks involved have adoptedmodern management ideas and perfect management system, in order to cope withcompetition and challenges. Moreover, the system for customer manager is a very importantpart of the system mentioned above. In specific, the development strategy and profitobjectives for banks are reliable on the capabilities and executive power of their customermanagers. In all, how to establish a scientific and applicable performance appraisal systemfor customer manager assessment is a main concern for all commercial banks.This study firstly makes researches on the emergence, development and currenttheories on customer relationship and its application in the banking industry, so as to facilitateunderstand the characteristics of the system for customer manager, and the workresponsibilities and content of customer manager. Later, as the discussion on the performanceevaluation theory and concrete methods, including the advantages and disadvantages’comparison for various methods, it is proposed on the most proper modern commercialbank’s performance appraisal system for customer managers.In this thesis, taking T branch, X Bank for an example, on the basis of deepinvestigation, the current status of the appraisal on customer manager and its existingproblems are analyzed. At the same time, combined with the theoretical research achievementand the application of balance score card, current appraisal system is optimized andredesigned. Specifically, the indicators abstracted from four dimensions are chosen andselected, in order to cancel the parts which are unsuitable for appraisal on customermanager, and add on internal risk management at first. Then, make addition on the relativeindex of team building to the dimension of the learning and growth, concerning more onthe team efforts from customer managers. At last, the index weight system is adjusted, toshow the balance between the short-term profits and long-term development.Based on the optimization of the appraisal system, the job responsibility system isreconstructed, personal career development plans are paid more attention, thecustomer manager ranking is rectified and the assessment process is redesigned. Besides, itstrengthens the support on the system, technology and personnel. As a result, theimplementation of the appraisal on customer managers becomes smoother, their enthusiasmto work is higher, and the business performance gets better. In a word, the above efforts will promote the healthy and prosperous development of X Bank.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial Bank, Customer Relation, Customer Manager, BalancedScorecard, Performance Appraisal, Optimization design
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