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Research On The Evaluation Of Agricultural Products Safety Credit Based On TOPSIS

Posted on:2016-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y ShengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330482958342Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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As a big agricultural country,the food safety in China has been a concern of people for a long time.Since the food safety accident happened frequently in recent years,which not only harm the health of people,but also caused serious influence to whole society,the study of agricultural products safety is popular.This essay will introduce TOPSIS into the field of regional agricultural products safety assessment.The following research has been done based on the agricultural products safety assessment in Jingzhou.Firstly,based on guarantee of agricultural products safety factors and the process of agricultural from growth to flowing into the market,the macro and micro,the combination of qualitative and quantitative grading of agricultural products safety credit evaluation index system has been established. Considering the characteristic of multi-level index system,analytic hierarchy process(AHP) and fuzzy analytic hierarchy process(FAHP) are used separately to calculate index weight.The following result was obtained.The index weight of the qualified rate of sampling observation and pollution-free certification is always in front,which reflects the importance of the construction of the qualified rate of sampling work and pollution-free certification system in the protection of the quality and safety of agricultural products.Secondly,AHP and FAHP were used separately to study the safety of agricultural products in Jingzhou, and a safe level was obtained.Moreover,by gaining the weight of membership degree evaluation grades,the rank of agricultural products safety credits from seven areas in Jingzhou was obtained.The result indicates that the stability of FAHP is higher than that of AHP.Lastly,by combining TOPSIS with fuzzy matter-element model,fuzzy matter-element evaluation model based on TOPSIS was constructed,which was used in the evaluation of agricultural products safety in Jingzhou.The rank of the credit of agricultural products in the selected seven town is Jingzhou,Shashi,Honghu,Songzi,Shishou,Jianli(from high to low).Compared with the result from FAHP,the results are same,except the sequence of Songzi and Shishou is reversed. The research indicates that for the Fuzzy matter-element model based on TOPSIS,the calculation process is simple.the data is fully used,evaluation of multiple target and multiple index of farm produce safety credit is more objectively and more reasonably.
Keywords/Search Tags:Safety evaluation of agricultural products, TOPSIS, Analytic hierarchy process(AHP), Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process(FAHP), Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, Fuzzy matter-element
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