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A Report On The Translation Of Legal Literacy(Chapter Seven)

Posted on:2017-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y MaFull Text:PDF
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This report is of the translation of Part seven of Legal Literacy, written by Archie Zariski. Part seven is an important part of the whole book and therefore is chosen as the source text. In this part, the writer enumerates some cases to describe the legal processes and procedures, which contributes to introduce the law system and some tools and methods.The translation report is divided into five chapters. Chapter one is the description of the translation project, including background, significance, the whole book and the selected part. Chapter two is an introduction of the translation process, including the preparation, analysis and quality control of the ST. In the third chapter, Reiss' s Text Type Theory and a textbook's definition, characteristics are presented. The fourth part is about translation difficulties and methods. The difficulties lie in the translation of legal terminologies and long sentences. The translator adopted relevant translation methods and skills to ensure the readability and coherence of the target text. Chapter five concludes with experiences gained during the translation process and some unsolved problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:translation project report, analysis of text, translation of long and complex sentence, translation methods, translation skills
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