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Kernel Sentence Analysis In English-Chinese Translation Of Long And Difficult Sentences

Posted on:2019-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The source text,"Hybrid Spaces in Antony and Cleopatra",is written by Elisabeth Bronfen,selected from Shakespeare and Space:Theatrical Explorations of the Spatial Paradigm,one of the Palgrave Shakespeare Studies book series published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2016.As an academic paper,the source text is characterized by a formal style,well-knit sentence patterns and complicated structures.It is a hard task and a tough challenge for the translator to translate long and difficult sentences in such an academic paper.This thesis aims at illustrating proper ways of translating these sentences with samples taken from Bronfen's paper.It analyzes and shows the process of how to convert a word of one part of speech in source text into a word of another part of speech in translation and figure out relations between kernel sentences under the guidance of kernel sentence analysis.Chapter 1 introduces the theory of kernel sentence analysis and explains related concepts.It also summarizes previous research achievements of English-Chinese translation of long and difficult sentences under the guidance of kernel sentence analysis and compares syntactic features of English with those of Chinese,thus preparing a theoretical basis for the translation practice of the sample text.In Chapter 2,by using case studies,the thesis describes ways to get rid of the constraint exerted by part of speech on translation with the help of seven semantic categories,making the translation conform to the usage of the language to be translated into as far as possible by conversion in English-Chinese translation.It also shows how to highlight implicit elements by finding activities and underlying structures,making the Chinese version more accurate;and to clarify logical relations between clauses by identifying kernel sentences,making the translation more logical and coherent.In the conclusion,the thesis shows that kernel sentence analysis can help the translator understand the source text more accurately and find out relations between kernel sentences thus the translator could make the translation more natural and smooth.It also summarizes the instructive functions of kernel sentence analysis on translation practice and at the same time points out the insufficiency of this thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:academic paper translation, kernel sentence analysis, long and difficult sentences, conversion, Hybrid Spaces in Antony and Cleopatra
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