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Study On New Rural Community Governance In Lucheng Wenzh

Posted on:2017-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the further development of reform and opening up, the new rural community construction has become a combination point between urban and rural development as a whole, the process of urban-rural integration and promote the growth of rural development, is currently one of the key work of the government at all levels.In the face of the changing situation of the rural society, the current rural social management system by the strong impact, in view of the problems arising from the integration of urban and rural development, rural community governance system innovation is imperative.Wenzhou Lucheng new rural community construction, the main innovation lies in the "township government-agency-village" organization system reform, reconstruct "township government-community" flattening of the basic-level organization structure, the ultimate goal of the new community development is established by the community members elected people elected party organization and the community autonomous organizations at the grassroots level gradually weakened in the process of the construction of the village committee, raise the level of rural grassroots governance, so that the rural community governance and urban community governance form organic cohesion.Wenzhou Lucheng of new rural community governance system is mainly through optimizing community leadership system as well as the community autonomous organization structure transformation to further realize the rural community autonomy;Through community service platform to extend the government’s public service to the community for the construction of the internal;By actively guide social organization development promote community structure transformation of public service;Gradually formed by the party organization as the core, government administration and community autonomy in accordance with the benign interaction of the new rural community governance mechanism.In practice, still exist in the process of rural community power relations not straighten out, Next, need to be further clear nature of the new rural communities and positioning,improve the new rural community management organization setup, straighten out the new rural community management system, intensify the cultivating on rural community social organizations, strengthening the construction of community cadres, establishing and perfecting the supporting system to strengthen the supply of rural community professional social workers, so as to meet the rural community public management and service system of talent demand.
Keywords/Search Tags:The new rural community, The integration of urban and rural areas, Basic-level organization system, Governance structure constructio
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