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The Study On The New Rural Community Construction Models Of Muling City

Posted on:2016-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X R LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330503969474Subject:Public administration
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The new rural community is the national strategy to crack our long-standing urban-rural dual system, improve production and living conditions of farmers and accelerate urban-rural integration. The development of urbanization in the city of Muling started since several years ago. The construction of the new rural community is an important measure to promote urbanization. However, it has caused many problems such as shortage of the resources and government investing fund, the community management need to be improved, etc. The government desperately needs to propose relate solving methods and measures.This thesis mainly focuses on governmental actions in the new rural community construction of Muling, an underdeveloped city. It's comparatively rare for Domestic academic research, which mostly focus on the new rural community construction around the whole country or province, or in The developed area. In this research, I have read plenty of domestic and foreign literature about community construction. I chose several villages as main study object, try to find a highly efficient, effective way through the methods of vertical and horizontal contrast and emprical analysis. I hope that through research, find out scientific and effective construction models of the new rural community, which can provide reference for other similar areas.The whole article is divided into four parts. Connotation of the new rural community will be elaborated in the first part, in which theoretical basis and research method will be analyzed. The second part describes current situation of the new rural community construction in China. Based on several successful building of new rural community in other cities, I summarized several consruction models, which can be put into practice due to local natural conditions, economic and social development level. Then, try to find suitable construction models for the Muling city according to its own practice and other helpful experience. The analysis of existing problems will also appear in this part. Finally, governmental working focus of Muling city in such aspects as land, planning, capital, public service and management is proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:the new rural community, urban-rural integration, construction models, community management sevices
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