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Research On Citizen Participation In Community Public Service Supply

Posted on:2018-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330518462969Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development of social economy,the community is closely related to people's life,community public service supply has gradually become the key to community construction.As the living standard of the people has been increasing year by year,the community residents' demand for community public services is getting higher and higher.The government's single supply of regular and formal public services has not been able to meet the growing demand for residents.Therefore,it is particularly important for citizens to meet their growing service needs by participating in the supply of community public services.Citizen participation in community public service supply refers to the activities of citizens to provide social services such as social security and community health care to meet the community public interests in an individual or organizational way,community-based,integrated resources within and outside the community.Citizen participation is an indispensable part of community public service supply,which is helpful to reflect the people's masters.It is advantageous to construct "small government and big society";it is helpful to meet the public service needs of community residents.Efficient citizen participation is a direct increase in the quality of community public service supply,indirectly affect the improvement of living standards.Based on the new public service theory and the citizen participation ladder theory as the theoretical basis,this paper analyzes the situation 'and problem of citizen participation in community public service supply,and puts forward some suggestions on how to improve the problem of citizen participation in community service.This paper is divided into five parts.The first part of the community public service supply and citizen participation,analysis of the concept of community public service and citizen participation and the relationship between the two,to clarify the importance of citizens to participate in community public service supply.The second part of the core concept and the theoretical basis of the clarification;the third part of the Que Er Hill street community public service supply in the status and problems of citizen participation;the fourth part of the Que Er Hill street community public service supply citizen participation problem analysis;Five parts to promote citizen participation in community public service supply in the proposal.The author thinks that it is necessary to improve the citizen participation in the five aspects:citizen participation culture,citizen participation consciousness,citizen participation skill,mutual trust between community and citizen,citizen participation system and its supporting mechanism and citizen participation platform.
Keywords/Search Tags:the public service, the public service supply, civil participation
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