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Study On The Urban Elderly Home-based Care Services Supply And Demand Problem

Posted on:2018-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,the population aging in China trend intensifies,the function of family endowment is weakening,pension issue has become increasingly prominent as a serious social problem.Compared with the old-age pension agency,home care has low cost and higher economic and social benefits.Compared with the traditional family pension,home care can provide more professional and efficient service.Therefore,home care is an important way of China’s pension.However,the development of urban home-based care services is still not satisfactory,especially because of policy,resources and carriers such as the segmentation,led to the town home endowment may cause the imbalance of supply and demand and other difficulties.It is based on the above background,in order to analyze the status quo of China’s urban housing endowment development,problems and countermeasures,This study used typical case analysis,choosed B as the typical case and many research method,including a comprehensive survey,observation,interviews and other specific research methods.This study described and analyzed the present development situation of the town home endowment service,analyzed the current development facing the barriers and deep-seated reasons.And and on this basis,puts forward the town home endowment service’s future development path,including the construction of urban home-based care services supply system framework and supporting protection mechanisms.This paper uses the combined method of qualitative and quantitative,including literature research,field research method,questionnaire survey method and statistical analysis method.The study finds that China’s urban home care service is facing the difficulties of imbalance in both supply and demand,supply and demand structure.In the supply and demand quantity,urban home-based care services facing service items,service number and service price imbalance between supply and demand.In the structure of supply and demand,there has some problems including a lower quality of service,service distribution and population docking asymmetry,the supply ability of home care service agencies lack.In this regard,based on many theories,this study further analysis the causes of the problems.The study found that the main reason for the imbalance between supply and demand includes that the lack of supply side flexibility,lack of demand de initiative and the supply and demand sides of information asymmetry.Based on the above analysis,this study further designs a framework to improve the balance between supply and demand of urban home care services.The solutions include strengthening legal and policy support,strengthening resource security,liberalizing market access restrictions,and strengthening advocacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban elderly, the community-based housing support, demand, supply, supply and demand balance
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