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Evalutiong On The Implementation Of Resettlement Planning In Southern Shaanxi Migration Based On Analysis Of Social Cost And Benefit

Posted on:2018-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The southern Shaanxi migration is an important measure to improve the poor living conditions of the population,Solve poverty problem,and to resolve the ecological problems,but also is a number of type of complex engineering system with so mangy participants and lasted for a long time,the government and the relocation of farmers as the migration of the two main parties,analysis the parties bear the cost and the gains,explaining the government and peasant household’s behavior,found that since the implementation of the southern migration planning problem,it will be a great significance for the government to formulate a reasonable relocation policy.In this paper,the relocation of Shangzhou as an example,with the relocation of the main parties and the government of the relocation of farmers as the research object,using the questionnaire survey and interview data of farmers,immigration statistics data and social economic statistical data,combined with the cost-benefit analysis method to analyze the cost and income of the government and farmers since the implementation of the resettlement plan.The Results show that:(1)Government cost benefit analysis:the government,as the leading part of the migration of the southern Shaanxi Province,has invested a lot of money,but the economic benefit of project is poor because it serves for public welfare.The migration have obvious social and ecological benefits,which can help to solve the problem of poverty relocation,improve people’s living conditions,protect people’s lives and property safety,accelerate the pace of new urbanization,promote regional economic development,and protect the ecological environment.(2)Farmcrs cost and benefit analysis:After the relocation,farmers economic income and economic benefit is increased,social benefit is significantly improved,immigrant relocation improves the housing conditions and living environment of farmers,Relocation area perfect infrastructure and public services has increased the farmer’s happiness,the three close principle of immigrant(near the county,town and township)convenient that their children go to school and his family go to a doctor,and convenience to marry your son,and convenient communication and workers.But immigrant relocation room area is lesser,easy to satisfy farmers demand for housing,Farmers demand for housing is difficultly satisfied,purchasing the housing with larger area increases economic costs,community living way to increase the farmers living costs,and changes farmers living habits and the way of livelihoods,and increases the farmers psychological negative effects.(3)The biggest difficulty of the implementation for the immigration relocation was the demolition of the old.Farmers is not willing to withdraw from the old base,in the move to a new house,that caused the biggest problem.The rationality of the location of the resettlement area directly affects the farmers’ willingness to relocate.Compared to the village resettlement,Urban housing occupancy rate is higher.The dismantling of the old grant funds was difficult to implement,The central and provincial government subsidies for resettlement housing funds,local governments should be supporting the demolition of old funds.But,Due to local economic development lags behind,greater financial pressure and lack of industrial support,The most important way for farmers to work is Long-distance migrant work.(4)Aiming at the existing problems in implementation since the southern Shaanxi migration,offering recommendations from four aspects include the location of the settlements,expand financing channels,strengthen industrial support,establish the policy of homestead exit compensation.
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