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A Study On Public Security Problems In HeYuan High-tech Development Zone Of Guangdong Province

Posted on:2018-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518476300Subject:Public administration
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The construction of High-tech Development Zone and the new industrialization is the feasible way to change the backward situation for the less developed areas. Heyuan,located at the northern part of Guangdong Province, where is regarded as underdeveloped area, endeavors to create Heyuan High-tech Development Zone (here referred to as"high-tech zones" in Heyuan). It has made remarkable achievements in promoting the economic development of Heyuan, and has become the main engine of economic growth in Heyuan. Heyuan high-tech zone needs a stable social environment which is affected by the public security situation. Therefore, the studies on the problem of the high-tech zone’s public security, is significant to the stability and development of social economic in this region, and thus important to the overall situation of building a well-off society. In recent years, because of the profound changes in the environment at home and abroad,the construction and development of high-tech zones are facing great challenges. In order to study the current public security problems in Heyuan high-tech zone, the author had studied the domestic and overseas public security problems and done relevant research.The author go to the high-tech Zone of Heyuan to carry out in-depth investigation,to get a lot of valuable first-hand information,and gained an overall picture of the public security, the characteristic of problems and the evolution of the main social conflict, and analyzed the problems and its causes in detail,revealing the complex situation of public security by offer a typical case. The author also put forward some suggestions to the problems after introducing some successful experience and theories related to the administration of high-tech Zone both at home and abroad.Apart from the two parts of the introduction and conclusion,the thesis consists of four parts: Heyuan high-tech Zone of public security status and the main social contradiction analysis,public security problems and causes analysis,typical case analysis,successful experience of the domestic and foreign high-tech zone public security and public security problems countermeasures. The highlight of the paper lies in using a self-made survey and interview questionnaire, going to high-tech Zone of Heyuan to carry out in-depth interviews, questionnaire survey to obtain first-hand data, and then a comprehensively analysis the survey data, and grasp of the overall picture of the current situation of the research object. The study found that the public security problem is the prominent, multiple, centralization and complexity with four distinct characters, then consider the longitudinal main social contradictions in the evolution of High-tech Zone.The study found that the causes and trend of development in the area of social contradictions. Combined with the real survey data and interview data, the author found that there are five main problems in high-tech Zone of public security in Heyuan: high incidence of criminal and security cases, the floating population crime prominent contradictions and disputes and mass incidents increased year by year,public rental housing has become a chronic problem,the comprehensive management of public security is weak. According to the relevant theories of criminology, public governance,a comprehensive analysis of high-tech Zone of public security problems of Heyuan roots from the five aspects of social,economic,legal,administrative and management,analysis of typical cases,so the author points out the comprehensive management of public security and the implementation is not effective,which is a realistic and urgent problem facing the Heyuan high-tech zone. Through drawing lessons from domestic and international high-tech Zone of public security working experience, improve and perfect the countermeasure that high-tech Zone of public security in Heyuan: to break the deadlock, build public security comprehensive management platform; strengthen. the grassroots,strengthen and improve the construction of new district police station; firmly grasp the foundation, further promote community policing work; adhere to the source of governance of public security issues; and seize the initiative, to build three-dimensional public security prevention and control system.The innovation of this paper is reflected in two aspects,one of which is the innovation of the thesis. At present,there are few researches on the development of high-tech zones in Underdeveloped Areas, especially the public security of high-tech zones in Underdeveloped Areas. This Targeted research on such kind of topic is more lacking, which is the reason why the thesis is innovative. The second aspect is Innovation of research perspective. This paper analyzes the characteristics of public security problems from the field survey data and does a comprehensive study of the main social contradictions and evolution in the development process of high-tech zone. From the five multiple angles of social transformation,economic benefit,weak legal system,administrative omission and management anomie,it also studies on the origin of public security in underdeveloped areas, and analyses the typical case to deepen understanding of the public security problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:High-tech Development Zone, Public security problem, Comprehensive Social Control of Public Order, Less-developed regions, HeYuan City
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