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A Study On The Public Service Ability Of Heyuan MSA

Posted on:2018-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, the party made it clear that the construction of service-oriented government must be gradually transferred to a new stage. Speed up the construction of the government should be reflected in the rational understanding of public service functions and the practice of public service system to build interactive and collaborative.According to authorization, Heyuan maritime bureau is mainly responsible for the implementation and enforcement of national water safety and water environmental protection laws and regulations and standard inspection of vessels and water facilities in Heyuan city; responsible for crew training,examination and certification of ship registration certification, shipping order maintenance, pier and shoreline, pass through the audit (police) to release, the prevention of pollution from ships, ship inspection, ship navigation facilities and water security work. Is one of the main undertaker of social public security and public service. December 2010, in the national transportation work conference, when he was deputy director of the maritime bureau Chen Aiping proposed in 12th Five-Year to accelerate the construction of the four type of maritime pace. The construction of service-oriented maritime system has become a maritime system for 5 years, and even from 5 to 10 years of work planning of the fist content.The first chapter introduces the background and significance of this study, reviews the relevant literature, and clarifies the research methods.The second chapter introduces the related concepts,especially the concept of"maritime affairs" and the margin and construction requirements of "service oriented".The third chapter introduces the general situation and the management of the area of Heyuan maritime bureau, especially in the background of building a service-oriented government under the Heyuan maritime facing pressure on public services and how to bear the historical responsibility to.The fourth chapter describes the evaluation of the Heyuan maritime bureau of public service capacity, which is based on analysis of the Heyuan maritime bureau to reflect the short board in the public service ability and causes in Heyuan Xingang Marine Department through the evaluation of five fine "maritime construction effectiveness evaluation index system of the results.In the fifth chapter, the author introduces the advanced experience of domestic maritime institutions. Including the Yangtze River Maritime Department, Foshan maritime bureau typical demonstration of the inland river and Hongkong maritime department, which is in the international advanced level of service of special agencies.In the sixth chapter, the author puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions on the present situation of Heyuan Bureau, through the introduction of all the previous data and cases, and combining with the actual situation of Heyuan maritime affairs. For the Heyuan maritime bureau of public service capacity building system planning, from the concept of public service, information technology,human resources construction reference.The seventh chapter summarizes the full text.
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