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Research On TV Administration In Wuhan Based On Multi - Center Governance

Posted on:2018-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518482856Subject:Public administration
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Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province, in recent years, Wuhan in order to strengthen the accountability and management of cadres, and vigorously promote the construction of television affairs, Wuhan TV asked the government through continuous improvement and development, and achieved great success. TV as a new way of open government, the masses of the administrative power given to the public in front of the cadres of the severe torture and accountability is to enhance the administrative unit staff efficiency, clean administrative unit bad atmosphere is significant The meaning of. At the beginning of 2012, Wuhan began to carry out television since the government has gone through six years, television politics today, by the publicís attention and access to the publicís praise. But with the social progress and the changing needs of the masses, there are some new problems in TV politics. For example, there is a problem that the question of government is more fragmented and the procedure is lacking in normality. The program is in the form of aging, lacking in richness and flexibility; the program can only solve the surface problem simply, and the nature of the problem still has not been solved effectively. These issues seriously restrict the development of Wuhan radio station. In order to improve the status quo of Wuhan TV, the paper analyzes the problems in the administrative process of Wuhan. Through the investigation and statistical analysis, this paper has made a summary of the problems existing in Wuhan radio station, And the lack of existing problems, and put forward the corresponding improvement measures on the existing problems.This paper is composed of four parts: The first part puts forward the background and purpose of this paper, summarizes the present research situation and introduces the method and originality of the research. The second part summarizes the relationship between the multi-center governance and the politics of television, and explains the concept of television politics from the perspective of multi-center governance theory. The third part is from the content, program procedures, performance and other aspects of the analysis of the existence of television problems. The fourth part makes a detailed study on how to further improve the specific measures of television. To this end, this paper puts forward the proposal of further perfecting the procedure of making the procedure of TV and constructing the accountability system. On the perfection of the procedure, it is necessary to increase the number of the main body of the government and seek the multi-center governance; establish the effective TV evaluation system The In the perfect system of TV accountability, the need to implement the "four list", improve the accountability system afterwards; the use of effective media, the formation of urban affairs governance network.At the same time, the original of this article is: First, the research has been improved,the integration of a variety of disciplines to analyze the knowledge, such as management science, social sciences, media and journalism and other disciplines, innovation is the combination of Multi-center governance theory, administrative supervision theory, public participation theory and the theory of Internet users to explore. Second, the context and the idea of the initiative. This paper combines the examples of research and the typical research methods, and makes a comprehensive study on the questioning columns from the perspective of multi - center theory, and puts forward some suggestions to improve the problems of TV.
Keywords/Search Tags:Polycentric governance, TV politics, Accountability
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