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Research On Staff Motivation Strategy Of The Bureau Of Nanning Social Insurance Base On Organizational Commitment

Posted on:2018-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518964312Subject:Business Administration
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Comprehensively promote the handling capacity building of the social insurance agency,not only support from the institution,hardware and funds;but also from the staff,take an effective incentive strategy to continuously stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff.The bureau of Nanning social insurance as a municipal social security agencies,in the face of increasing coverage and the number of business operations continues to grow under pressure,it is urgent need for taking an effective incentive strategies to improve the performance of staff,relieve staff stress to ensure the stability of the contingent of personnel of social security.Research has been pointed out,employees with high organizational commitment can generate many positive behaviors that help the organizational development,for instance,organizational citizenship behavior,high job performance,low turnover tendency and so on.Incentive is a willing to meet the individual needs and motivations as a condition and need to work hard to achieve the demand.Organizational commitment mutual causal relationship between organized commitment and motivation,and we can affect the staffs' organizational commitment through different inspiration policy.Based on the existing organizational commitment research,this paper establishes the influence model of the impact of incentive strategies on organizational commitment.Therefore,we can propose an incentive strategy that meets the needs of employees and targeted,based on the investigation and analysis of staffs'organizational commitment,and according to the intrinsic relevance of entrustment and motivation.Analysis the results of the questionnaire can be found,(1)the organizational commitment of staffs of the bureau of Nanning social insurance as a whole in the middle level,the level of overall organizational commitment and emotional commitment,continuous commitment,normative commitment of staff are not high,and the normative commitment>emotional commitment>continuous commitment;(2)the significance between the age of the staff and the organizational commitment of the bureau of Nanning social insurance is not high;(3)there is a significant correlation between the degree of staffs,the number of years of work and the organizational commitment in the bureau of Nanning social insurance;(4)the relationship between the gender and position of the staffs and the organizational commitment is not significant in the bureau of Nanning social insurance;(5)most of the staffs of the bureau of Nanning social insurance did not feel the incentive measures taken by the organization,or feel that the existing incentives are ineffective.The demand for incentives for the bureau of Nanning social insurance staffs is highlighted in terms of pay,reward evaluation,training and workflow design.Combined with in-depth research and interview analysis,the main reason for this is that the current work flow design of the bureau of Nanning social insurance is complicated,the work environment still needs to be improved,the performance appraisal is a mere formality,the incentive effect is not high,the training quality is not satisfactory,lack of attention to career planning,and the cultural construction is not good enough.Combined with the above research for the organizational commitment and incentive needs of the investigation of the bureau of Nanning social insurance,there is a recommends in this paper about the incentive policies design should focus on the four principles of feasibility,pertinence,foresight and saving;based on the model about the impact of what the cause and effect feature cause the organizational commitment change and the influence model of incentive strategy on organizational commitment,for the reason why there is a problem organizational commitment of staffs problems,combined with the functions of the bureau of Nanning social insurance.And proposed a suggestions for staffs incentive strategy improvement for the bureau of Nanning social insurance based on the perspective of organizational commitment,(1)based on the promotion of emotional commitment,improving the work design,creating a harmonious working environment;(2)based on improving the continuous commitment,strengthening management about perform ance,optimize performance bonus distribution,improving the quality of staff training,caring for career development;(3)based on strengthening the normative commitment,doing a good job of organizational culture construction.In order to enhance the overall level of the bureau of Nanning social insurance 's organizational commitment,and to stimulate the enthusiasm of staff,improve job performance,ensure the stability of the contingent of personnel of social security.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bureau of social insurance, Organizational commitment, Staff motivation
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