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Research On The Administration Morality Of The Grass-roots Civil Servants In China

Posted on:2018-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518965675Subject:Public Administration
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Administration morality is a general term of moral norms and principles that should be faithfully observed by public administrative subjects in the process of exerting national public power,revealing the relationships between public administrative behaviors and public interests.Since administration morality is composed of professional ethics,role morality,identity and power morals which decide it as the first and exclusive professional ethics,it has more strict criteria and demands compared to the ordinary administrative,ethical regulations.The moral values orientation and behaviors of civil servants at the grass-roots level are significant in guiding and modeling the entire social atmosphere when carrying out the public power.As for civil servants at the grass-roots level,their administration morality responsibility,attainment and behaviors have a decisive influence on the social morality atmosphere,administratorsí efficiencies,management and service level,public satisfaction and political incorruptibility in all society.As an old Chinese saying goes,morality is a first and most important virtue for any behaviors.Morality regulates humanís actions and plays a significant role in social control,and good morals,including high administrative morality,are the objectives of all human beingís pursuit.As the representatives and defenders of national public interest,civil servants at the grass-roots level represent and exert the stateís power.The professional characteristic of civil servants at the grass-roots level is to represent the public willingness and demands,it performing the stateís power and administrating the public affairs.Thus the administration morality of them is different from the professional ethics in other fields.It is deeply rooted in the moral system of political power and stigmatized by power.The administration morality of civil servants at the grass-roots level,a weather vane of the whole social morality,will be referred by other fields and consequently,its gain or loss and success or failure can exert a profound effect on the morality construction of other areas.Administration morality is capable of assessing,judging and analyzing the public administrative behaviors of civil servants at the grass-roots level and has guidance for their administrative practices.Although it is not directly related to the enhancement of administration morality and incorruptibility of public administrative power,promoting administration morality construction of civil servants at the grass-roots level propels the political system reforms,solidifies the foundation of the party and accommodates the competitiveness of economic globalization.With the development of implementation of combating corruption and upholding integrity,the construction of civil servants at the grass-roots level encounters with both opportunities and challenges.It is necessary to recognize the awkward situation of civil servantsí backwardness and realize the importance and urgency of enhancing the construction of civil servants.On the one hand,the legal consciousness of civil servants at the grass-roots level gradually awakens,democratic equality deepens,occupational values highlight and competitiveness and efficiency intensify.However,on the other hand,civil servants at the grass-roots level face a series of problems,such as the dilution of civil servant service,the severity of formalism,bureaucratism,hedonism and extravagance,the emergence of narrow and short-sighted behaviors and lacking hard work and plain living.These unfortunate phenomena are virtually in that the anomie of administrative morality consciousness,principles and behaviors.The reasons of the anomie of public servantsí administrative morality are external and internal factors,such as the impact of multiple value targets,the malpractice of internal environment of administration and the civil servants at the grass-roots level themselves.As a result,it is a necessity to improve the attainment of administration morality,establish a perfect administration morality system,achieve the administration morality construction by the rule of law for civil servants at the grass-roots level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anti-corruption, grass-roots civil servants, construction of administrative morality
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