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Reserch On Issue Of Civil Service Assessment In Local Tax Authorities In S Country

Posted on:2018-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H P SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330518965697Subject:Public Administration
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To study the problem of civil servant assessment,I set up a set of evaluation index system targeted at grass-roots tax authorities,and establish an evaluation data model to give objective and scientific assessment about the quality of civil servants and their work performance,so as to advance rationalization of civil servantsí wages,promotion,deployment and other management work,and mobilize the enthusiasm and vigor of the civil servants,thus improve the overall quality of civil servants and administrative efficiency.In accordance with successful experience of the civil service assessment at home and abroad,relevant theories in civil service assessment,years of grass-roots work experience,combine the use of literature research,empirical research,content analysis and survey visits,I conduct analysis of problems in previous civil service assessment.Combined with the actual work,the different styles of workers,the paper chooses the most representative index data,constructs the evaluation index system and establishes the evaluation data model,carries on the comprehensive quantitative analysis on the civil servantís work performance,sums up the well-established assessment methods on civil servants work in local tax authorities at grassroots.It has achieved some achievement in the actual work,thus can provide a comprehensive basis for the civil servant management departments to select and promote candidates scientifically.This set of assessment index system will concentrate on the personal growth account as the core,its score including five major components: the usual assessment,public-recognized evaluation,business ability,career basis,leadership capacity.To distinguish different styles;the Principal and the deputy leader in the leadership team,,the Principal and the deputy leader in the department,and other staff,and adopt different proportions.For instance,usual check is made up of the performance of the organization linked to the performance of the task completion,the actual performance evaluation and addition and subtraction programs.Due diligence for all personnel with emphasis on job performance,including the usual contents like " morality,capability,diligence performance,and integrity.Well-recognized appraisal is made up of the internal evaluation and external evaluation.That the internal evaluation is assessed by the staff in the internal department,while the external evaluation is appraised by three forms :on-site evaluation of the staff in Tax Service Hall,Peopleís satisfaction survey and the assessment of common practice;business ability mainly embodied through the improvement of business capacity to guide the tax cadres to continuously improve operational capacity in the work practice,and it is linked with the promotion of cadres;career basis including educational information,examination and enrollment information and the new information in training,which applies to the new staff;leadership competency is made up of the career inspection,probation management,leadership competency testing and special evaluation of the composition,focusing on the quality and ability which are equipped with performance of work,and it applies to cadres mainly.On the basis of the construction the evaluation index system and establishment of the personal growth account,we can build the civil servant scoring model,the comprehensive evaluation model of current year,the historical comprehensive evaluation model,the comprehensive evaluation sub-factor model of current year and the historical comprehensive evaluation sub-factor model.They can be applied to the evaluation of excellent workers,the cadre selection,personnel training and other aspects,thus stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff in civil service posts,improve their performances,and promote the implementation of the works in the civil service posts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public administration research, civil service assessment, assessment index system, local tax authorities
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