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Analysis On The Demand And Practice Of Old-age Care For The Aged

Posted on:2017-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of economy and society,the improvement of living conditions and medical level,the life expectancy of people in China is increasing.Intertwined with economic transition,social transformation and conceptual change,ageing has been and will further become the important issue of our country which is not be ignored in the strategic issues.Based on the questionnaire survey of social capital and mental health of the elderly in Gusu District in 2015,this paper focuses on the needs of the elderly in the community,including economic needs,health care needs,life care needs and spiritual solace demand.Based on the original data collected in Suzhou Gushu District,this paper analyzes the present situation of community aged care service,the needs and influencing factors of the aged care service.At the same time,by drawing lessons from the experience of the developed countries,the author puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions on the construction of community service for the aged in our country.This paper is divided into six parts.The first chapter is the introduction,which introduces the background and significance of the research on the needs of the aged care service at home.It shows the background and significance of this research.Through literature analysis,The second chapter is the research design,introduced the research thought,the research hypothesis,the research method,the sample situation and so on in this article;The third chapter investigates and analyzes the needs of the aged caregivers in the community,including economic needs,health care needs,life care needs,and spiritual comfort needs.It also analyzes the problems and causes of the community pension service needs Analysis The fourth part introduces the experience of the three countries in Australia,Singapore and the United States.The fifth part puts forward the relevant countermeasures on the community old-age care service for the elderly at home,and summarizes the main conclusions and shortcomings.The research shows that the elderly people have high incapacity to move,suffer from chronic diseases and have strong desire for communication.They have high demand for economic security,medical and health care,life care and spiritual solace.However,at present,some of the elderly lack of pension capacity,the imbalance between supply and demand of old-age services,pension service facilities are not perfect,the professional service is not strong,the reason is lack of policy support,lack of social services,lack of service resources Integration,the formation of the atmosphere there are gaps and other factors restricting the development of community home care services.According to the conclusion of the analysis,I think that the community service needs of the elderly at home are met,need to gradually build demand-oriented community pension service mechanism,to build the elderly needs-oriented community service model,and policy creation,And promote the integration of resources,social atmosphere,scientific and technological innovation and personnel training in six areas to put forward specific measures.
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